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INNOVV K1 Review by webBikeWorld


The INNOVV K1 front and rear onboard video recording camera system is an outstanding example of the technologies and capabilities available to motorcyclists today.

It is a complete front- and rear-facing video camera and recording system (aka "dash cam"), featuring well-made components.

The K1 on-board camera recording system can be used for personal video recording and/or traffic monitoring.

While we may not want to accept the need for this technology, it is a fact of life for many of us, unfortunately.

The INNOVV K1 motorcycle kit contains almost everything needed to get up and running in short order and the installation should be relatively easy.

The only things missing from the kit are flat or U-bracket mounts for the cameras (accessory mounts are listed on the website) or a handlebar bracket to go along with the included holder for the K1's DVR control module.

There is a lot of flexibility in where and how the front and rear cameras are mounted and everyone seems to have a different approach ranging from the simple to the complex -- the choice is yours.

One or both camera lens modules can be used with the system and aiming is up to you, but the most effective setup is a wide-angle front and rear configuration, with video recording loops set for short or longer segments.

The default mode on the K1 is an automatic start for recording as soon as the ignition is turned on.

But the system also has motion activation and G-sensor or shock-based modes and both of these provide automatic file locking or saving of what could be critical video and audio files.

As an operational system that I use on a daily basis, the INNOVV K1 is proving to be ultra-reliable and extremely valuable.

The system is also designed for "set and forget" operations, but there are many other options and it's important to review the recorded video once in a while, if only to learn more about defensive strategies in traffic situations you might have missed.

So no matter what it is used for -- fun video recording or serious "dash cam" video monitoring -- the K1 is an excellent investment with the potential of a significant return.

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