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INNOVV K1 Motorcycle Camera Installed On 1997 Harley Davidson Road King

1997 Harley Davidson Road King

Wiring for the taillight provided me with a keyed power source, fortuitously located right under the seat. There was also a almost-perfectly sized spot for the GPS unit to be sticky-taped in the same area. Score!

Recording unit mounted very nicely on top of a connection block behind my right side panel. I have to remove the hard bag in order to pull the cover; not a huge pain in the ass but it's not as simple as lifting a seat.

I'm going to pick up a 128g Micro SD card to minimize swapping cards. Question: Can I adjust video quality to improve recording time?

I absolutely did not want to mount the cameras in a way that detracted from the aesthetics of the bike...more difficult than I thought. There's not a lot of options that give a good view without looking very out of place. After some trial and error, I bought some corner braces to use as mounts for the cameras, and bent/cut/drilled them to size. Front camera is attached at my lightbar mounts. I shortened one side of the corner brace and bent the whole thing towards the center of the bike then straight, to clear my turn signal.

The rear camera is attached to a quick release anchor for my top box. The first version used an 'L' bracket but I decided it needed to be closer to the rear of the bike so I bent one side of a corner brace at a right angle.

The taillight is a bit too bright when recording at night, so this may swing the decision to get a smoked lens for it. A few I've seen have opaque sides which would help a lot.

All in all I'm very pleased with the install. The recordings themselves are perfectly adequate for insurance use, but I'm going to use them to record fun rides with friends in addition to/instead of a GoPro or Contour.

I figure with a 128 card I should get a couple hours before I have to worry about recording over footage.

I've been riding it for a week or so now and no one has asked about or even mentioned the cameras.

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