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INNOVV 2CH Full HD Motorycle Recording System

Hi Innovv,

I have been in the market for a good dual camera set up for my bike after an accident tore my bike apart and I was unable to find the guy who did it after he ran. The snake lenses are a stroke of genius and exactly what I'm looking for, however, I was hoping to find a dual set up to cover both front and back.

I was wondering if there were any plans to add a dual lens camera to the line up. You offer a product that is exactly what bikers are looking for, no useless frills like a screen I'll never use. Just 2 waterproof lens I can mount where I need, and a camera I can mount under the seat which provides all the security, safety from impact, and water protection we need. The only thing more I could ask for is a dual lens hub to stream line a dual set up like I am planning. Truth be told, I will probably buy 2 singles if there is no plan to create a dual lens set up and just replace the hub if an upgrade is ever made.

I appreciate any incite with your future plans for this product.

Thank You,

Chad Carrone


We received many messages asked for dual motorcycle recording system, and now we are working on this new development and would like to discuss with inmates about features and specifications. The new development has a recording unit with a 2.7" screen for easy setting, live recording review, and two wired lenses, a wired recording control button, GPS is an optional. The first question is what is the length of front lens, and what length is the rear lens? The C3 lens cable is 1.5m. One Inmate told me front is 1.5m, and real is 0.5m, he has Ninja 650.


Two lens has cube shape solid aluminum case, the size is width x depth x high= 29mm x 37mm x 29mm. It would be similar as the below photos.

There are 3 x 1/4" screw holes on top, left, right side, That design is for "L" shape basket mounting.



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