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A ride in the rain.. Problem, and possible solution.

Shared by Riders,

My C3 with 90 degree lens, on a motorcycle has a problem in the rain. The wind keeps droplets of water stuck to the face of the recessed lens (Lens is waterproof, no water come into lens).

I figured a convex lens cover might help the wind blow water off to the sides, instead of keeping it in place. So, I purchased a 21mm watch crystal and stuck it to the face of the camera with some 2-part urethane adhesive, applied with a small syringe.

The lens attached with Diameter 21mm watch crystal, The Out diameter of aluminum lens case is 23mm. Looks cool!

Now looking for rain to test,Tips: When I got home, and hit a small bump entering my driveway (low speed, no wind), the water drip fell off, You can also see from the effect in the video near the end where I stopped for a light. There, the water slumped to the bottom, clearing the view a bit. (The screen shot is from 720P, NOT 1080P)

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