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BMW F700GS with Innovv C3

I powered the control unit from a USB power adaptor I have installed on the bike. I’m using the shorter supplied USB PC cable, not the 2 wire DC USB power cable. That permits me unplug the cable form the power outlet and plug it into my tablet or smartphone using an OTG [On The GoUSB cable] or direct into my laptop to download the files without directly accessing the C3 unit or unplugging the micro SD card.

C3 camera installed above Hi Beam headlight. Note the bracket is a temporary mock up to test vibration (none) and placement (works for me). I’ll cut this down and weld it up and paint it flat black to match headlight back shell. Cable is yet to be concealed into the bodywork. Note - this bracket looks like its sitting on the top of the headlight shell, it is not, it’s a 2-3mm above it.

I made a small round cut into the lower edge of the screen to provide clearance for the camera. This stops the screen vibrating the camera. Note the screen is a powerbronze model screen, not the stock screen, but the same could be done to the stock screen.

I used the supplied INNOVV threaded clip to hold camera bolted thru the mock up bracket. I side mounted it to get the overall height closer to the top of the headlight and reduce the cut out to the screen. Note the bracket is a rough mock up out of a couple of pieces of 3mm steel and will be rebuilt as a single piece without the nut and bolt shown. I removed the inner washer from the LH headlight bolt and put the camera bracket in its place and re-bolted the headlight thru the camera bracket.

I have tried the control unit in two locations, both under the false tank cover as there is not much room under the seat in this model. I will probably move the unit into my top box when I get an extension Mini HDMI cable.

The above position is on top of the airbox and there is approx. 25mm between the air box and the false cover. This could probably do with a plexi cover over it to stop any driving rain coming from the left (front) over the battery and into the control unit. The Blue Tack is my way of securing and sealing the slide switch on the control unit. The white stuff is self-adhesive Velcro holding the unit in place onto the top of the airbox.

This other position just works as well, moving the unit further back. With half of the sticky Velcro still attached to the unit, it makes a snug fit that does not move around at all. Extra HDMI Cable length is coiled into the valley between the airbox and the battery, just above the white Velcro in the image above.

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