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INNOVV C3 HDMI Extension Cable

"I want to lens cable to be 3m, how to do?" "When 3m lens cable is available? "I want to extend lens cable to be 3m or longer, how to do?" "Where to buy the extension cable to get lens reach 3m?" People keep sending message asking for above, Here is the answers, To have lens reached 3m or longer, you can buy the extension cable, which is available from below link, Thanks for @willy510, he found it and tested, it works well.

BTW, people may ask why we do not offer 3m lens cable which has been discussed during the development. We have tested 3m lens cable samples, it works well and be ready to release, Later we found 3m long for car is OK but for motorcycle, it is too long, people want C3 can be on car and motorcycle, so extension cable will be a smart solution.


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