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INNOVV C3, The Next Step

We made the move.

Don’t be surprised, we’re not making weapons, we’re still developing mini action cameras, but finally after many months of development and testing, the versatile new INNOVV C3 snake cam is about to be released!

What can you do with it? It’s a fantastic gun camera as you can see. But more than that, very easy to mount anywhere on a motorcycle.

A really great discrete dashcam?

A good looking action camera with style and better than other action cameras.


Do you want catch a wide world? You can have 120 degree wide angled lens.

Maybe you’re not keen on the fisheye look for your video? A narrow lens is also supplied.

OK, so what is in the packing box?

Handlebar mounts, head mount, car dash mounts, AV TV lead, charge lead and 12 volt USB plug. And even an external lapel microphone. Mounts for every purpose you can think of.

More than that, Very good quality HD 1080 video, lenses and mount options and at a very competitive price.

To learn more, Check out the video below.

#motorcyclecamera #snakecamera #guncamera #reardashcam #remotelenscamera

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