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Niko and his DIY Bracket for INNOVV C3

Below is the dashcam mount for INNOVV C3, it is small and discrete.

But if you look at below, you should be impressed by Niko’s activity and skills of DIY, as he said, I decided to make an installation even more discrete, so I have made custom bracket / mount ( for Passat B6 / 3C )

Cutting, Polishing, Gluing

Fitting on lens

What it looks like in car, even more discrete.

Finished, and What is it? Smart and Tiny.

Close look after installation

Behind shade, Nothing can see.

How it works

Is it a smart and easy solution to make the lens case been hiding? Absolutely.

After you see the above, I believe you should have comment and ideas or could not hold to make one for yourself, why not? Just share to here.

#reardashcam #remotelenscamera

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