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Thanks go to Patrick MacRitchie

How do you feel when you are watching the videos linked below? Easy to watch and very enjoyable?

When I found that video I couldn’t believe it was recorded by the INNOVV C1! The clear and beautiful views, easy listening music and very high quality video. It was great to watch and the others I’ve linked are the same.

You will no doubt be interested to know who is behind these videos after seeing them. I was and so I sent a message to Patrick saying how much I enjoyed his videos and telling him I was proud that such videos were recorded by our product. He got in touch and told me the C1 was a present from a friend, he’s very pleased with the gift and finds it a great little camera for aerial video and other video work.

After learning more about our new INNOVV products he told us he likes the designs and created some videos to the best present the camera to people. It’s great news that he wants to present Innovv to a wider audience. A great present for INNOVV.

I should mention that Patrick has a lot of experience in video recording and editing, plus a passion for his hobby. When I mentioned to him we are now developing the C3 he made another video, it’s a new presentation video and is linked below. It’s a very good way to introduce it to new customers.

My thanks go to Patrick MacRitchie, he’s the best present the brand that could have to show our products to people and it’s great support for us! You can see more of his videos on his YouTube Channel here.

Patrick MacRitchie

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