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The is the information from India news paper,

Title: Finding India on a Two Wheeler. The two guys traveled for 44 days, 16000 km across India on that motorcycle on the picture. One is a photographer and the second guy is the Secretary of a Rider's Club here. The trip was a self sponsored one to spread awareness about organ transplant across India. Next they are planning a European trip for the same.

What is the special?

Inside the red box you can find an Innovv C1 mounted on the handlebar with the weatherproof case. the camera stood well in the harsh Indian climate.

We learned the above information from our distributors in India, they sponsored the Innovv C1 to two guys running across the India to let people know how good the camera is, and would keep sponsor their wheeling across Europe.

More than that, you can see below photos.

They are thinking how to the best present Innovv to people and making such marketing stuff.

As the developer and manufacturer of Innovv, we are so exciting to see their great ambition inIndia and we’d like to do our fully support to them and win customers in India.

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