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DashCamTalk and INNOVV

Nowadays a product could not live without the online community, that’s because everyone is buying online now instead of going to local stores where they can physically test the products. Before clicking the ‘pay’ button, People need to learn from others experience if a product is good enough, so the communities for sharing and discussing are very important for a product to build their reputation.

Dashcamtalk is that kind of community, it’s specifically for dashcam products, a new product category launched in recent years. From the ‘about’ page, we can learn that before DashCamTalk was created, the DashCamMan had spent many hundreds of hours of searching and learning to get the most “bang for his buck” as there were many fake models and less reputable vendors. He purchased his first Dashcam based on researching and realized a site was needed for sharing experiences and he knew that real professional reviews on dashcams would be helpful.

He created it and his goal has been achieved, DashCamTalk is the most popular dashcam forum online now. People can find information on dashcams from well selected vendors and compare them for the best need based on function, quality and price. There are genuine professional reviews and experiences from the members (6631 members so far and keep growing every day). Some people on the forum are the best known in the dashcam world, they have tested over 100 models and have no plan to stop, like Niko. From the member list, you would be surprised to see Jokiin has posted 7038 messages and has received 2038 likes at this moment. He is a powerful man in the forum based on his solid experience, knowledge and good faith. He has products under GuardTrak. Jazjon is the other well known member and has just teamed up for selling dash cam from www.roadcam.comand his Amazon and ebay accounts. We miss Mtz, he has left the forum for quite a while, but he mentioned he will be back.

Jazjon just posted that Innovv is the top search result when searching Google for DashCam Forum. Innovv has been well known from its story of 808 key chain camera and the rival of Mobius. I have discussed with Isoprop (we had un-friendly discussions on the forum before). See it, Touch it, Like it, Innovv keep focusing on design and develop the products people will be pleased to have. I am not going to think about how to compete with Mobius, instead we have respect for each other. After C1, C2 were released, I fully understood you cannot build a brand and develop a great product in one day. You need to learn from your mistakes and people’s feedback and make improvements, and that takes time. DashCamTalk, is the right forum for listening and learning. We will release the C3 in coming monthes, and later C4 and I’m sure the improvements that have been made will be welcomed and INNOVV will be trusted by people.

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