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We have revised the logo for Innovv because of some comments made on Techmoan’s review on YouTube.

I created the word of INNOVV, it is from innovate, and I like it because it is simple and inspirit to innovate, to explore everyday. There was no intention to mislead or confuse it with another well known brand. But after seeing the above, the designer gave me the new design below in minutes and I approved it without any hesitation because it best presents what it will be.

I started to hear from people the design is close to Ienovo after people saw the logo on the product, but I did not care it so much because two logos have different letters and I like it so much till I saw the above comments that mentioned the copy.

I hate any copies include someone copied the C1. I don’t like the idea that people may think I tried to copy a brand name so below is the new logo.

The new logo is all capitals and bold, looks more trustable and people do not need to change case when typing. It keeps it simple.

BTW, it may be interesting to learn why I created the brand for my products, it was because of comments made by the founder of Ienovo. He mentioned in a speech that when he and others started to sell computers to customers, the competition was very hard, all computers from him and his competitors were same, the customers could not find the difference, so he created the brand and label on his computers, and spent a lot of effort on brand reputation building, in the end customers trusted the brand and he got successes in the last.

Ienovo is known worldwide, INNOVV is on the way to that goal.

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