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INNOVV Action Cam Shared and Rewarded

We has the blog- TheInnovv–Hobbyist Group to invite people to share the videos with INNOVV lovers, more than that, we would like to reward people who share the videos.

Since now the new designed rewarded card as below has been placed into the INNOVV action cam packaging box, it has a double size of the name card.

Sharing makes playtime more fun!

You can record everyday with the INNOVV, and some videos are amazing with high quality, why not share them with other INNOVV owners and people? You should be able to catch some fantastic moments if you have INNOVV action cam with you all the days, Why not share them to have fun and enjoy?

Sharing is simple and easy!

You only need to upload your INNOVV videos to You Tube and send the link to

If the videos are interesting, funing, Nice or being pleasure to watch, they will be collected to the INNOVV Action Cam channel.

Shared and Rewarded!

We encourage people to do so, because you can image how fantastic if you could watch the group of videos from the people like you who has the INNOVV action camera, INNOVV owners are grouped and be shared.

We know some people are likely to enjoy the sharing from others but lazy to share, this reward card is to encourage people to be active. A free 16GB SD card will be received once shared and collected!

More sharing and more fun! Why not?

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