Techmoan and The Innovv C1 review

Thanks to Techmoan for his review, that’s the best present he could make to the C1 & C2 to people. As he mentioned in his blog,

This is a very interesting little camera with a number of clever features. The manufacturer has set-out to make the best mini 1080p camera, watch the video to see if they succeeded.

I like his review, as do many others.

Great review as usual. Interesting and informative in all regards. A pleasure to watch.

People are no doubt say this because of his accomplished photographing skill, professional knowledge and high quality video reviews. I am surprised the 4 colors C1 can be shown as nice as below and with his pleasant voice,

“The camera is pleasure to use, feeling is very comfortable in hand ".

That is also a great present. It was a major goal in our design and I am proud that we achieved it - See it. Touch it. Like it!

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