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Merry Christmas and Happy 2014!

Dear Friends,

Merry Christmas and a Happy 2014!

Good will, success and happiness be with you this Christmas and wishing you a prosperous new year!

This letter is from the INNOVV team with greetings and a look forward to what’s planned for the coming year.

We have been thrilled by the response to the INNOVV C1 and C2we introduced, most notably by RC Groups users and people on the DashCamTalk forum.

As people have learned from our blogs,INNOVV was born for people on the forums.

When I first saw how active the discussion was on the forums about the key chain cams I was really surprised. There were questions, answers, posts of support and posts against. After reading pages and pages of posts I understood that people love to share their experiences, not only for a camera which is tiny in size, has good video quality and is user friendly, but also to share the fun of their hobby!

Hopefully the INNOVV will fulfill people’s hobby and bring fun too? We have seen some interesting photos from people on the forums for our new INNOVV already.

In 2014, we will make significant improvements regarding the points below to build INNOVV into a trusted brand with a good reputation amongst users.

More close communication with people.

Ourwebsite now has around 3000 monthly unique visitors. People are viewing our new product introduction, specifications, downloading new FW and shopping. Our target for 2014 is to double this to 6000!

The monthly blog page viewings are 2000 and the first blog I posted to RC Groups had a daily visit which reached 680. I like to write a blog because in it I can share my thoughts and ideas to users and potential buyers. 5000 monthly page views is the target in 2014.

The forums and posts. INNOVV improvement and update depends on the forums. This year it is in RC groups and DashCamTalk and in 2014 will be introduced to more forums. Posts to communicate with people are very important though I hesitated to make my first post because I was worried because English is not my native tongue. It’s encouraging that people are happy to see the developer on a forum answering questions first hand. In the new year I’ll spend more time communicating with people on forums and hopefully will improve the quality of my posts!

The new development and upgrading.

After the C1, we soon introduced the C2 to people after learning more of people’s needs. I expect in 2014, people will see new features and functions. The product development has finished, but upgrading is just beginning. New FW updates and GUI improvements will be made too.

Shipping and delivery.

We have had 3 parcels lost on the way to the UK. Everyday people are asking me, where is my camera?Un-Safe and not fast shipping is a big headache for us.We are working on solutions to this problem and our target for 2014 is a 7 day delivery time, or even better, 4 days after purchasing. That way people will be happier to buy.

Regardless of these challenges, we are pushing ahead to create a successful 2014. This is the spirit that will put INNOVV at the forefront of the industry, fulfill people’s hobbies and create fun!

I am so proud of all the changes and improvements the team made and it’s good to know that we are not alone and are supported by people on the forums who encourage us to do our best work.

Thank you again and I wish our readers and users a new year filled with personal and professional success and happiness.


Rock with INNOVV Team

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