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Today, Nov. 24th 2013, is the big day for the INNOVV C1. It is the day the product is finally ready. People can now order it! And have the C1 in their hand, see it, touch it, and like it.

Every day I`ve received emails asking the status of the product and when it will be ready, It`s great to see that people like the C1, but I've also been under heavy pressure to bring this product to people quickly!

Thanks to everyone who has given me their support during the development stage. I've been very encouraged by their messages, here are some,

I like the stylish look of the camera and the metal feel in the hand. The INNOVV C1 is very fashionable. It would look good on the dash board of a Lexus, or at the table of a nice restaurant. It might also be a sports camera and functional as a 1080p pocket camera but it would appeal to and sell to both men and women.- from Charles Lohr.

Now product looks even more attractive than its design -from Niko

Hi guys, attractive design, well done, Is the product ready? Can I know when I can place the order?

Hello, I first saw your product from the forum, it caught my eyes. I have a question, How does Auto-video flip work? I can not find more information on it. Is it 180º degree rotation, How about 90º? when can I buy one?

Guys, I like your slogan, See it, Touch it, Like it. You are smart! I first saw it from your Google advertising and clicked. When can I touch it?

Hi, I downloaded raw video materials and impressed its video quality, I saw most videos were taken on train and train station, GZ and SZ, what does that mean? Is your office beside of train station?

Hi, How hot C1 is? I know the aluminum body is light, good heat conduction, you are smart to make a good material selection, I have a headache with my Mobius under sun inside of the car.

Hi guys, I read your blog, very interesting, start up is not easy, keep doing it.

Hi, I have the problems with my #26, I hope you can make a change if the story you told is true. When can I buy one?

Hello, awesome product, It could be colorful. When can I order one to make side by side testing with Mobius? You win in the design, if video quality is better, that is great.

I appreciate people who sent me money to pre-order the product even before the ready date was not confirmed, As a thank you for people’s trust, all pre-orders will receive a free DHL delivery and the overpaid will be refunded!

And other big news to announce is Innovv C1 retail price is reduced from $99.80 to $69.00

Today is also a big day for me. Now I can hold the camera in my hand, before I could only see it in my mind. And I am proud that people are saying the real product is more attractive than its design. Looking back, there have been many days and nights of hard work which only a real passion can support.

To conceive a product and turn it into a real product is always amazing and challenging.

Get it started with a big dream; We are ready for next challenge!

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