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DIMIKA And Mycrocam – Who Copied Whom?

What’s your first impression after seeing the product below and its specification?

It is a nice product, good design.

But then what do you think when you see the product below? You’ll no doubt be surprised at the similarity and the first idea in your mind might be who copied whom?

Below is the true story of these two very similar products.

DIMIKACAMERA.COM was registered on 12-Sep-2013.

And the product is now just released.

The picture below shows when the Mycrocam 720 was created. 2012, Yes, 2012!

For more information for Mycrocam, you can check the links below

Here is the history of the Mycrocam 720.

Now a few questions, You’ve read all the above information,

  • What do you think about these two cameras?

If Mycorcam, DIMIKA both read above information,

  • What will Mycrocam do now?

  • What will DIMIKA do now?

Hopefully you’ll recall and agree with the sentiments expressed in my last blog.

‘Two far different business strategies,’ and products of good quality not cheap fakes.

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