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The Design And Development Of INNOVV™

If people have knowledge or experience of the Chinese electronics industry, they will know of Huaqiangbei. It’s one of the largest electronics markets in China and the world with10 thousand retail outlets, more than 20 shopping malls, and daily traffic of more than 0.5 million people.

Why is it so large and successful? The only reason is you can find any electronics part and any product there at the low possible price! Why do they have the lowest possible price? Because of competition. There are over 0.3 million electronics manufactures within 120km! But the competition is tough, ever tough. When struggling to survive the manufacturers must keep costs down, always using cheaper materials and also making fake and copied products, So not only the “Lowest possible price”, but “Poor quality” and “Counterfeit” are Huaqiangbei’s other reputation. This has a big negative impact on “Made in China”.

On the other side of the coin, Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Sony and many others have most of their products made within this area. And because of the advantages of design, development, technology, manufacturing process, and supply chain, no other place can compete.

When we started to design and develop the new camera, I was looking toward these big brands, not the fake products. I stayed in Huaqiangbei for over 6 years, worked for US and German companies, and was trained in the EU. I had a business partner in one of my best friends from Japan. I fully understand the two far different business strategies. Huaqiangbei can mean quick money and short product life, but with high design and development of capacity, strict quality management, Apple, Samsung made world’s leading products, I would like to be the second one.

“Design wise”, Dashmellow said on the forum something I agree with exactly. Since the product and brand are new, to catch people’s attention and interest it should be different to others. It needs to be “Fresh” and valuable. I dug into in Huaqiangbei to find a product which would might catch my eye and inspire me. I found it, a “Power bank”, with a fresh color and fresh look. In the end we gave up the idea because there were big radii on the corners that required a big PCB size, but I knew now what the new product should be. The next essential element, as Dashmellow mentioned, we got from the Ipod nano. Why not? Fantastic design!

A few years ago I worked with my business partner from Japan and the website developer from UK and we created a world leading B2B website with its logo and I learned how to make design simple. I worked with a passion day and night and the new logo and website were born! People said it is nice and I am proud of that!

The logo, website, product design and camera development all aim to be up-market and stylish. See it, Touch it, Like it. The reason is very simple if people see a product and like it, why would they buy a plain one?

Isopop mentioned: in the form of firmware updates, has been disastrous though. I can tell people that I don’t like what had been done before; I am here to bring change and let’s look forward to it.

As said before, INNOVV™ is still making its first early steps and has a long way to go. Isoprop questioned if the C1 has a chance of success in the long run? I say: Yes! Because of our rich experience, knowledge in video quality, and our strength in development that people have seen over years, Plus now the changes in strong brand awareness, a passion for development, and support from people in the forums and communities can help bring success. Do you not agree?

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