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No Road Is Long When You Ride With The INNOVV K3 Dash Cam

Since INNOVV K5's launch in December 2020, this industry-leading dash cam has attracted people’s attention by its high-end design and won its reputation for its excellent performances and powerful features, such as 4K UHD video quality and external Microphone input. 

The professional review from webBikeWorld can shed light on INNOVV K5’s excellent performances and popularity. Kindly check an excerpt from the review as below.

“The INNOVV K5 (Dash Cam) or new “Action Cam” as it should really be labelled, is a great new product and very much ups the ante regarding a dual-channel high-resolution powersports oriented ‘action cam’ product. ”

INNOVV is known as the top of the line brand of motorcycle cameras and our products are very popular around the world. One of our INNOVV products launched in the year of 2018, INNOVV K2 was picked as one of the best motorcycle dash cam in the world by before.

The INNOVV K3 is the new generation of the INNOVV K2, and it was born at the valuable suggestions of INNOVV K2’s users. Many INNOVV fans think highly of the INNOVV K2 for its excellent performance and high-end design. At the same time, some of INNOVV K2’s users contributed a lot to make INNOVV K2 even better. Like what we insist on from the beginning—innovating versatile cool products to provide more outdoor fun for powersport lovers, INNOVV is honored to announce that a new dash cam, INNOVV K3 will enter the market. 

INNOVV K3 Motorcycle camera.JPG

INNOVV K3: Your Well-equipped Dash Cam

Before hitting the fierce comparison part with other INNOVV dash cams, let’s go through the basic information about this well-equipped dash cam, INNOVV K3. 

INNOVV K3 System Overview
High-end Design & IP67 Waterproof.JPG

As the latest member of the INNOVV K line featuring dual camera, INNOVV K3 dash cam inherits the amazing features and stylish yet rugged design of INNOVV K2. Check more details about INNOVV K3 dash cam from below points.

Speaking of the design and appearance, INNOVV dash cams are always praised for their simple and rugged yet stylish design, and so does the INNOVV K3. Its cameras and the base of the DVR are constructed of durable and lightweight aerospace aluminum alloys, featuring a stylish appearance and durable performance. You could go confidently into every ride with INNOVV K3 dash cam that’s built to withstand all kinds of weather, which is rated as IP67 waterproof provided by its high-end design.

Then it comes to the most important part, INNOVV K3’s cameras. It features dual camera with a wide 120 degree field of view like the INNOVV K2, capturing important details in crisp 1080P HD video and providing complete coverage around you. The unique Sony IMX 291 LQR image sensor is mounted on both camera lenses, ensuring high-quality recording even at night.

FHD 1080P Dual-camera System.JPG
Easy & Discreet Installation.JPG

With professionally designed installation kit and detailed installation instruction from INNOVV, it’s easier than you might think to install INNOVV K3 dash cam on a bike, ATV, UTV or others. The INNOVV K3 cameras are small enough to be hidden, protecting your INNOVV investment from being stolen. Once installed, they are permanently fitted and hardly noticeable.

Moreover, the INNOVV K3 dash cam is designed in a “Fit and Forget” manner, performing an automatic start/stop recording with the ignition on/off. Not worry about manually charging the battery or turning it on and off like using an action camera. The INNOVV K3 adopts loop recording feature, allowing you to record video continuously but the older files will be overwritten once the TF card is full. You could use the INNOVV App to easily set to record a video loop and select different recording time for each. INNOVV K3 dash cam could support up to 256GB TF card. (About 18 hours of continuous 1080P video)

Beside those points mentioned above, the INNOVV K3 offers other must-have features as a dash cam to better protect yourself, including:

Wi-Fi Support
The INNOVV K3 could be connected to your smartphone via a Wi-Fi support. Then you could easily view, download videos or change settings with INNOVV App on your smartphone without extracting the TF card. 

GPS Module
Most dash cams have the GPS module built-in while the INNOVV K3 adopts an external GPS as previous INNOVV products. Speed and location-data are logged in each video file for distance measurements and tracking.

Built-in G-Sensor
It features automatic incident detection with the built-in G-Sensor. When significant movements are detected during road trip, an accident video will be saved separately to ensure that it will not be overwritten when the TF card is full.

Parking Mode
With the smart converter, the parking mode functions properly when an impact or motions is detected by G-Sensor. It provides around-the-clock protection when you are away and even the engine is not running. 

Extreme Temperature Resistance
The INNOVV K3 could stand extreme temperature with its high-end design, which means that it could work from -30℃-70℃ under severe environment. 

The INNOVV K3 has a dedicated App named INNOVV, you can play videos and set up the configuration in your fingers. It’s never been easier to view, download, and share memorable moments with INNOVV app without extracting the TF card. 

INNOVV K3 vs. INNOVV K2: Level Up in Capability

Both of the INNOVV K3 and INNOVV K2 dash cam are built with Wi-Fi, GPS, G-Sensor module and other must-have features as a dash cam. They are designed in a simple yet effective way, making them look slimmer and stylish.

Compared with the INNOVV K2, the INNOVV K3 includes everything available with INNOVV K2, packing with some INNOVV fans' most wanted improvements to make it more powerful and user-friendly for powersports lovers. 

Easy Control With Your Finger
Remote control is one of the INNOVV fans’ most wanted improvements for INNOVV K2. The fancy remote control is made of durable material and it is IP67 rating, meaning that it could be used in any weather. Recording, GPS and Wi-Fi working status could be intuitively checked with the LED indicators on remote control. You could save videos, take photos or perform a factory reset by simply pressing the Function Button on remote control, giving your full attention to riding to ensure personal safety. 

External Microphone Input
Instead of the inner microphone, the INNOVV K3 features a new external Microphone which is another users' most-wanted improvement for INNOVV K2, offering better user experience with excellent audio input. The microphone cable features better tensile strength and longer flex life, which means cable could stand thousands of stretches with its strong and durable design. An open foam cover around the microphone could reduce wind noise effectively. It clearly captures your voices, high quality engine sounds or exhaust sounds during the road trip by putting it on the right place, making it a great gadget for motovlogging. You could easily save the video, take photos or perform factory reset by clicking the function button on the remote control. 

We struggled to balance functionality and aesthetics when developing INNOVV K3, intending to provide powersport lovers more outdoor fun with versatile products. All in all, it differentiates itself from INNOVV K2 from below points. 


Get a INNOVV K3 dash cam to better protect yourself and record the memorable moment during the road trip. You could directly order one from our INNOVV shop via


INNOVV TECH was created by Rock Liu after he left the German luxury packaging company which has more than 150 years history for the high-quality design. He knew that stylishness, elegance, innovation are rare and invaluable, and can bring pleasure to people for another 150 years or forever. So did he in powersports industry and established the INNOVV TECH.

Powersports are the activities for fun and joy which is from the bottom of heart, and INNOVV Tech always follows that. The fans said, it is the pleasure to own the products and share the wonderful moments on the roads with others.

If you’re new to INNOVV products, you’re warmly welcome to join our INNOVV Forum to learn what other users love about INNOVV.

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