23 Days of Silk Road Motorcycle Trip over 8000km

Sep 7, 2020


The Silk Road was the world's most significant trade route that connected East and West and it has a long history for more than two thousand years.


China Silk Road stretches more than 4,000 km on the gigantic regions of northwester China, an almost dizzying agglomeration of desert, grassland, raging river and colossal mountains. The trip along the Silk Road is becoming popular nowadays and the best time to visit will be from June to August. More than 20 motorcycle lovers from Fufeng Club started their special Silk Road Motorcycle Trip in August, 2020 with their best partners, beloved motorcycles and proper riding gears.


Fully Dressed-up  Motorcyclists 

Cities along the Silk Road are enormous treasure troves of history, culture, architecture and the arts. The scenery and sights along the Silk Road are spectacular and intriguing. There are well-known Mogao Caves (Mogao Grottoes) in Dunhuang, the Mars Camp whose landscape resembles Mars in Lenghu town, Chaka Salt Lake known as "Mirror of the Sky" in Ulan County and more.


Fufeng Brothers In Dunhunag

Fufeng Brothers In  Mars Camp


Fufeng Brothers In Chaka Salt Lake

Though they have made researches and prepared well beforehand, during 28 days of motortrip along the Silk Road, they still faced some challenges, such as the changeable weather in western China, sudden animal crossing the road, unexpected failures with the motorcycles, etc. They never gave up or changed their mind, but encouraged and helped each other to finish the whole trip with their beloved motorcycles.


Changeable Weather In Western China


Sudden Animal Crossing The Road


Unexpected Failures With The Motorcycles

More than 2, 000 years ago in Xihan Dynasty, Zhangqian opened the north-south road to the western region, namely the famous Silk Road with the command of Emperor Han Wudi.

More than 1, 400 years ago in Tan Dynasty, Xuanzang made a historic pilgrimage to India along the Silk Road to obtain Buddhist sutras. 

In 2020, Fufeng brothers started their motortrips along the Silk Road with great respect to them, and created their unique and wonderful motortrips.

The whole trip lasted 23 days and ended with more than 8000km. They will never forget about it.

Let's look forward to the next trip!