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Motorcycle Lifestyle Choice

Would you agree that riding motorcycles (commuting, racing, weekend cruises) is at times not just a hobby, but a lifestyle choice?

I find it to be a lifestyle choice for me. I have always loved bikes and finally got into it after a while. I think riding is a lifestyle whether you use it for commuting only or just to ride around and have some fun (whether it be a nice cruise or speeding on the track). The commuter riders tend to find themselves taking their bike out for nice rides to other destinations in their area so they are contributing to the lifestyle of riding a bike. -Kekoa


I ride my bikes almost every day to commute, meet friends, go shopping, tour interesting places hundreds of kilometers away, and generally go a bit insane when forced to drive a car in congested Bangalore traffic and find elusive parking spots. I've covered 170,000km in my nearly 11 year old Hero Honda CBZ econobike, and over 15,000 km on my Yamaha RD350. I don't care about the "status" that a car gives me, I just like to get around quickly and enjoyably and not have to fiddle with my phone or stereo controls while fuming in traffic in a car, watching bikers easily go through tight spots in traffic that a car can't make it through.- Siddhartha

My lifestyle is my own and I don’t need others to reinforce that for me. Motorcycles just happen to be something that I enjoy immensely and I include in my life.- 92gixxer


Riding a motorcycle can be a lifestyle choice but doesn’t have to be. For some people it is a mode of transportation, some it’s just for pleasure, some it is their whole life.


Really depends on the person how deep they go in to the world of motorcycles. For me I eat, sleep, and breath motorcycles. On and off road, anything with two wheels and a motor and Im happy.


I still don’t believe it is a lifestyle choice for me. I really didn’t have a choice. My dad has always had motorcycles, and his dad always had motorcycles, so every generation in my family has grown up with motorcycles. I've been twisting throttles literally my whole life.


To me it’s not a lifestyle, it is life.- Wogger

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