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We are motorcycling, and understand Why do I need a motorcycle dash-cam? and What is the best motorcycle dashcam?, Motorcycle dashcam installation, We also need to know Motorcycle Dashcam maintenance, and why it is important.


We are talking with riding people from worldwide everyday, two motorcyclists complained they purchased helmet cameras on eBay, found nothing recorded after so enjoyable ridding and all recordings were not playable after accident, both asked us if INNOVV Motorcycle camera can avoid such issues. I said yes if you can check and maintain the recording system regularly.

We as motorcyclists should know the more care and maintenance you give a bike the longer it will last. Performing general maintenance on your motorcycle will also help you spot problems before they happen. Maintenance is not only an essential part of motorcycle ownership, it can make the difference between safe riding and getting stranded-- or worse, that is same to the recording system.

INNOVV motorcycle dashcam had passed critical vibration and tough riding condition test, but after a long running exposed to a number of stresses, these include large and rapid variations in temperature, humidity, sudden interruptions, instability and 'spikes' in the power supply and constant mechanical vibration, baking, accelerating, any of which can lead to faults that can result in the camera system can’t function properly.

Carry out the below maintenance checks to can keep the motorcycle cameras in an optimum condition,

  • Micro SD card & format. 90% recording fault relates to Micro SD card. You spent good money to have the motorcycle camera, no reason to purchase a cheap & unqualified Micro SD card. And regularly formatting the SD memory card will alert you to any problems with the card or camera.

  • The connection between cables and DVR is tightly, be sure DVR and Cameras kept fixed on bike firmly.

  • DVR is dry enough and protected from dust, dirty.

  • Check Red, black wires to the battery terminal, Yellow wires to 12v switched power source in good connection and is well protected.


These checks is simple and easy to do, it allows you to spot any warning signs before they become a recording fault, enjoy ride and have fun.