The exciting motocross - 2020 Fufeng cup

Jun.04, 2020


The 2020 Cup cross-country race is in full swing.


June 6-7, the race is on the line!


As the race day approaches, the drivers'spirits are rising.

We are going to have Fun crossing the track again and again.


There are many ways to exercise, some like to run, some like to work out, while the Fufeng County brothers prefer motocross.


Motorcycle Movement has become an important part of motorcycle culture, a window for the public to understand motorcycles and an important platform for promoting motorcycle culture.


Driving motocross through the forest, people and motorcycles work together to overcome obstacles.


Challenge some difficult slopes, with strong communication skills, to better improve their own level.

Even when you're sweating, it's exhilarating.

The process of cross-country cycling, along with the release of adrenaline and dopamine, makes you forget about fatigue.

Motocross is not only an individual sport, but also a parent-child sport.

The father is a guide to the child's interests. The father's values, his outlook on life, will go a long way in directly influencing the next generation.

With the encouragement of the father, the child can also successfully surmount obstacles and improve self-confidence and cooperation.


Motocross, as an event, is a feast for the eyes.

As a daily exercise, we can feel the original motorcycle driving fun, release the pressure, physical fitness.

With less than 48 hours to go,

the drivers and crew are gearing up.


Rickshaws go for the long haul, American locomotives are about clothes and substance, cruise cars are about comfort, and motorcross are about technology and control.


Motocross is not only a kind of sport, but also the foundation and advanced of all motorcycle driving technology.

In the complex non-paved road, with oil separation, smooth and slow through, which requires a certain degree of technology.


The handiness of the off-road motorcycle is helpful for the novice to exercise the feeling of the vehicle.


In the motorcycle driving, the control of the vehicle is nothing more than the control of balance, as well as the brake, throttle and clutch cooperation.

And in the level of advanced technology, with the help of motorcycles easily over various obstacles, puddles and so on.

Understand the critical point of vehicle tilt, to achieve a state of unity of the people, in the complex road under control.


Throughout the design of the Motocross, the lightweight body, no excessive electronic components, it seems that no piece of design is redundant, revealing the most true sense of industry.

In recent years, the quality of motorcycle products is constantly improved through competition, and the high-quality racing car has promoted the continuous improvement of driving skills.

Between the person and the motorcycle is mutually promotes, the common progress.


The motorcylce and the person's advancement, is a step-by-step process.

In the course of driving, 50% is given to the car,50% on your own, with people and cars working together, that's the fun of cycling.