We are working together to fight the novel coronavirues

Feb.10, 2020

援助 01.jpg

The epidemic prevention work of the novel coronavirues is still in intensive progress. 

There are many different positions of the staff are still holding on. 

Shenzhen is our home, and the Fufeng motorcycle club has decided to work together to tide us over. 

The front-line traffic police have been fighting on the front lines throughout the Spring Festival.


The current national shortage of face masks and other protective supplies, coupled with the recent return peak period and the resumption of work in most enterprises, the road front duty staff of protective supplies is even more tense.

援助 04.jpg

We went to the temple to pray.

The master in the temple greeted us and read the scriptures.

On February 9, the Fufeng motorcycle club has raised 10,000 N95 masks, 3,000 medical masks, 200 night goggles, 12 barrels of 84 disinfectant (20L) and 10 infrared thermostats, and send representatives to donate to the relevant traffic police departments and road-related quarantine points on duty.


Thank them for staying at their posts during the outbreak and for keeping us safe.

Every one of us is doing our part to bring this epidemic to an end.

By then, Fufeng will be back on the happy journey.