Introducing The New INNOVV ThirdEYE

After a year, INNOVV is proud to announce a new product called INNOVV ThirdEYE, a unique blind-spot detection and alert system designed for motorcycles.

Third EYE.gif

It is a sensor system that keeps an eye on your blind spot and gives visual warnings when vehicles are detected around you. Designed as an additional safety system for motorcycles, it gives you additional visibility on the road and warns you and other road users when there is danger.

You’re probably aware of the growth of blind-spot detection systems in cars. They are a system that uses sensors that detect other vehicles and give a clear visual warning for areas around the vehicle that you cannot see. ThirdEYE is a retro-fit solution that gives you the same safety system for your motorcycle. The system actively monitors the traffic behind you as you ride and gives you visual indications of movement in your blind-spots. It is designed specifically for motorcycle safety and adds enhanced visibility for the motorcyclist to enhance rider safety – it’s like having eyes in the back of your head.

ThirdEYE features a unique sensor system designed specifically for motorcycles. This provides the rider with enhanced all-round awareness to increase safety.

Lane change warning system
When switching lanes, ThirdEYE is there to offer enhanced warnings. For example, when passing on the right lane, the triangle symbol on the left mirror and square symbol on both mirrors will flash in sequence. This is to increase safety during lane changes.