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Introducing INNOVV K5 Dash Cam: Like an Action Cam, More Than an Action Cam

What would you use to protect yourself with the full coverage and record the wonderful moments during your road trip? Generally, an action cam will be chosen to record the wonderful moments with its 4K video quality and a dash cam will be chosen to protect yourself with its versatile features like loop recording, G-Sensor, and others. 

But now the INNOVV K5 dash cam enters the game and packs all these features into it. There is no doubt that the INNOVV K5 dash cam is one of the most advanced dash cams for powersports (motorcycles, ATVs, UTVs & more) and it is more powerful than a simple action cam. Why it stands out in the market? Keep reading to find the answer!

INNOVV K5 Dashcam System.jpg

Innovates with 4K Video and Other Features Like an Action Cam

The INNOVV K5 innovates with the Sony’s 8-megapixel sensor on its front camera, producing strikingly clear 4K Ultra HD footage at 30 FPS, with 4 times as many pixels as in Full HD. Its rear camera provides crisp 1080P HD video quality. Both cameras adopt with an expanded 120° field of view to provide complete coverage around. 

Several types of video resolutions are available for both front and rear camera, and you could easily choose the most appropriate one to record your wonderful road trip via INNOVV App on your smartphone.