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Solid Build, Simple Design, Easy to Use!

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Extreme Energy Saving Technology

The new and improved INNOVV Power Hub 3 adapts unique energy saving technology resulting in a Standby Current less than 10uA and a no load power consumption less than 0.2W!

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Supports Up to 5 Devices

The INNOVV Power Hub 3 is designed to connect up to 5 electronic devices at any one time.

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Multi In-Line Fuse Protection

Each positive wire is augmented with an independent in-line fuse for protection of up to 5 devices.

Max output for each wire is 5A and 15A for all wires occupied. Each wire is included with a 3A fuse which can be swapped out as needed. 

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High-End Durability & Waterproof IP67

Like all other INNOVV products, the Power Hub3 is designed for durability in harsh environments. The system can easily be used and maintain functionality in a variety of conditions utilizing its new IP67 waterproof rating.

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Multi-Use Application

This third generation Power Hub is not only compatible with motorcycles, but a variety of land and watercraft vehicles too!

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*Click here to download the INNOVV Power Hub 3 brief description

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