1. Setup the K2 on Desk

Click below icons to download the firmware, user manual and video clips. 

You can also view solutions to common problems and upload your videos.

video clips.png

Setup the K2 on desk and check its functions before install it on motorcycle makes installation easy and fun.

Follow up the below 1 to 4 steps to check SD card, know wire connection, how the K2 and its App work, but it can not check the function of DC converter and GPS module (which only work out of house).

SD card.png

SD Card Choices


Mobile Phone Wall Charger


Connection & Recording

Andriod icon-2.jpg

App Download & Setting





1.1 SD Card Choices

The size of SD card can be 32GB, 64GB, 128GB, 256GB.

The speed of SD card is more than Class 10, U1, U2, U3.


Click below link to get more knowledge about SD card.


1.2 Find A Mobile Pone Charger or Power Pack as Power Supply to Camera

Be sure the output is 5V 2A and there is a Micro USB to plug into DVR.

Power Bank-01.jpg

2. Find A 12V Power Supply or Spare Motorcycle Battery as Power Supply to Camera

Instead of the above 5V power supply, if 12V power supply is available,  connect the supplied 12V to 5V DC converter to DVR and follow up below instruction to connect the wires from the supplied converter it. 


  • Red wire is to the positive terminal of battery,

  • Black wire is to the negative terminal of battery,

  • Yellow wire connects to a switched power source from your bike such as ignition, head light, trial light etc.

  • For testing only, Join the yellow & red wires to get power supply,

  • For installing on the motorcycle, Yellow wire should connect to the switched power source, if not, the last video clips can not be well saved. 

3. Connection & Recording

Refer below photos to set up the K2. 


How LED flashes when power supplied.

After few minutes recording, you can check SD card on your PC to see the video clips.

4. App Download

Search INNOVV K2 on Apple Store or Google Play, or Scan the QR Codes.

The Device Minimum Requirements, iOS 8.3, or Android 7.0.

INNOVV K2 App Logo.jpg

INNOVV K2 App Logo

K2 iOS with Apple.jpg

QR for iOS Devices


QR for Android Devices

INNOVV K2 App download.PNG
Android INNOVV K2 App.jpg

4.1 App Connection

WiFi: Settings => WLAN => INNOVV K2_****

Password: 12345678

4.2 App Permissions

Trust the App, Give this app full access. or,

Allow it to access your location & storage, if not, App can not work properly.

App promission allowed-02.jpg
App promission allowed-04.jpg
App promission allowed-02.jpg
App promission allowed-03.jpg

Refer the Open Box Video

5. Setup the K2 on Motorcycle

Check where to mount front & rear camera, fix DVR, DC converter, GPS module first. and Check how wires can go through.

6. Camera Installation

  • The camera mount was designed for versatile mounting options. Refer below photos to see how the best way for your need.

  • The mounting location should be firm, and camera should be secured down well to less vibration.

  • Routing video cable carefully, avoid bending or direct heat, and being tight and tension. 

  • INNOVV logo on lens is to up.

  • Do not push the glass on lens.

Camera mount-02.png
Camera mount-01.png
Camera mount-03.png
Camera Mount-05.png
Camera mount-04.png

7. DVR & GPS Module Fixing, DC converter connection

  • DVR should be fixed firmly without movement and vibration and it is easy to access SD card. G-sensor is inside of DVR, DVR movement can case too many files protected. Keep Mic hole on DVR to be covered or blocked. 

  • GPS module should be expose to the sky and INNOVV logo side is up.

  • DC converter connection please refer the above 2.2.


8. LED blinking & Status

9. App settings

10. Fimware & App Version Checking

  • At the bottom of the setting, you can see the current firmware and App version.

  • Delete the current App and download new version from Google play or Apple store.

  • App will pop up the message to remind you to download new version of firmware if it is available. 

INNOVV K2 App & Firmware update.jpg

11. Video Clips Download to Mobile Phone

12. Video Playback with GPS Tracking

Play back on iOS device, Refer below video to see the process. Document=> Files in Device => Play.