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Click to download Firmware, User Manual, Video Clips, Trouble Shooting, and upload video clips & photos.

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App Download & WiFi Setting

INNOVV C5 App Logo

For Android Device

For Apple Device

  • Search and download INNOVV C5 on the Google Play Store for Android or the APP store for Apple devices. or, 

  • Scan above QR code to download INNOVV C5 App right to your device.

  • Storage must be allowed from App permissions for downloading videos/photos from camera to your device.

  • Select INNOVV_C5_*** from WiFi networks to connect. or,

  • Settings => Wireless & networks => INNOVV C5

  • Default password is 12345678.

INNOVV C5 Specification

Button Indicator & Function

App Setting

Operation & LED Indicator

Lens Install

Video Cable Connection

12V To 5V DC Converter Connection


  • Red wire is to the positive terminal of battery,

  • Black wire is to the negative terminal of battery,

  • Yellow wire connects to a switched power source from your bike such as ignition, head light, trial light etc.


  • Consistent power supply, won’t drain internal battery during riding.

  • Recording start/stop follows ignition on/off, so your ride will always be captured.

  • 10 seconds power on/off delay to avoid power drops when engine starts, that protects camera system to work properly.

Micro SD Card & Recording Time

Class 10 Micro SDHC with Adapter 80mb/s (MB-MC32DA/AM)

Micro SD card should be formatted in-device using the mobile app before recording begins. 


Trouble Shooting

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