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Hi INNOVV, I had GoPro on my helmet, the heavy wind drag pulled my head back, I was fighting to keep the head down if the speed up 80kpm.

Other pain is the shortage of battery life, I am a long-distance motorcycle rider, 4 to 8 hours a day. 

I had installed the C5 on my motorcycle and see it has great potential to be a unique helmet camera, small lens size, light weight. Can you look into that? Thank you. Chisenhallw. 

INNOVV C5 Helmet Camera.jpg

Here you are!

INNOVV C5 is the smallest and light weight motorcycle helmet camera, is praised for its simple yet highly effective design, light weight, compact dimensions, solid performance that meets an overall purity of purpose.

INNOVV C5-Helmet Camera

The lens is made from CNC router aluminum cutting, the diameter lens is 1" and weights 26g only. the big difference you can see from below.

INNOVV C5-Helmet Cam
Action Cam

The overall look and feel, small, light weight, and solid.

INNOVV C5-Helmet Cam-01.jpg
INNOVV C5-Helmet Cam-02.jpg

With the included mounts, Easy to fit to any helmet. 

Three different video cable lengths, the DVR and power bank can be located where you fit good. 

0.5 Mtr Cable for a chest pocket

1.0 Mtr Cable for a waist pocket

1.8 Mtr Cable connect to bike USB


Type-C USB connector, with easy to handle screws assures the connection is easy and secure.

INNOVV C5 Helmet Cam

Waterproof camera lens captures your adventures when riding in heavy rain, storms, and heavy winds. 
DVR, Power converter are rainproof, no worrying about water getting inside or damaged.


Record your enter ride.

Refer below information to choice the enough capacity of power bank for your ride. 

Power bank is not included in the package.

INNOVV C5 Camera Power Capacity and Rocording Time

Review live recordings & change settings via App on your mobile phone.

You also can download video clips from the C5 camera to your mobile phone, and share fun with friends via Facebook, Youtube and More. 

Sharing is easy and fun!

INNOVV C5 App Setting
INNOVV C5 Helmet Cam

INNOVV C5 Helmet Camera Video Clips

Helmet Mount Fixing

Guide on how the Innovv C5 helmet camera lens to your helmet..

*Click here to get to the latest INNOVV helmet camera system.
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