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INNOVV C5 was developed to meet the needs of real C3 owners.


"I've installed INNOVV C3 on my BMW K1300R for the last two years, and it is still working properly, and I really like it! Just wondering if you guys have a plan to do upgrade to an APP/WiFi connection to a mobile phone. The whole set is waterproof and I do no worry that the DVR gets water inside when I am washing the motorcycle?"- Martin

INNOVV C5 is praised for its simple yet highly effective design, light weight, compact dimensions, solid performance that meets an overall purity of purpose.

Lens case is made from CNC router aluminum cutting, DVR case is made by Aluminum extrusion, solidly built, especially for motorcycling.

INNOVV Dashcam Lens
INNOVV C5 Moto Camera
INNOVV C5 dash cam remote control.webp
INNOVV C5 Motorcycle Dashcam System
INNOVV C5 Motorcycle Dashcam

Review live recordings & change settings via App on your mobile phone.

You also can download video clips from the C5 camera to your mobile phone, and share fun with friends via Facebook, Youtube and More. 

Sharing is easy and fun!

INNOVV C5 Camera App.webp
INNOVV C5 Camera App
INNOVV C5 camera intalled on motorcycle2

Waterproof camera lens captures your adventures when riding in heavy rain, storms, and heavy winds. 
DVR, Power converter are rainproof, no worrying about water getting inside or damaged.


Type-C USB connector, with easy to handle screws assures the connection is easy and secure.

INNOVV C5 Dashcam

To meet the needs of a wide range of installations you can purchase kits with video-cable length options of 1.8 meters, 3 meters as well as 5 meters.

motorcycle (2).webp

DC 12V to 5V Converter

Smart Design

Small size

Solidly built

Secure connection

2A power input fuse

Whole set is waterproof



Red Wire: Positive battery terminal.

Black Wire: Negative battery terminal.

Yellow Wire: Connect to any module that turns on after the ignition is ON (head light, trial light, etc.) This allows the camera to recognize when to switch between parking mode and riding mode. 


The switch between parking and riding mode is automatic.

Our smart power-supply delays the boot of the camera by 10 seconds after the ignition is powered on.

We do this to make sure that while the computer is starting the engine we, in a way, “stay out of the way”.

INNOVV C5 Moto Dashcam

Hidden installation

Can you find the camera installed on these motorcycles? Hidden installation protect your cameras since it is unlikely to attract attention.

INNOVV C5 Camera Intalled on Motorcycle3
INNOVV C5 Camera Intalled on Motorcycle4

Two resolution modes for each of the recording modes (Continuous, Loop, Snapshot).

  1. Tell the story in Vlog mode (2K/2560x1440 or 1080p/30fps).

  2. Show the detail in sports mode (720p/60fps).


The goal of the “Vlog” mode is to allow the riders to capture not only the environment in the immediate vicinity of the rider but to also provide detail of the general area where the adventure takes place. In short, at full HD 1080p you will be able to take your friends on a virtual ride with you.


We realize that some riders, say commuters, might put more value on capturing the near vicinity of the bike and less on the romantic horizon (if any). Sports mode will allow them to track the near vicinity of the bike in silky smooth detail.


In both modes you can record continuously until the card is full or in a loop to assure you never stop recording (oldest clips will be deleted first, but for a large card it could still take hours before the first clip gets deleted.). Even in loop-mode you can still take a snapshot of an event and protect it from deletion.

Loop Recording.webp

INNOVV C5 installed on A Sling Shot by Paul Andrews

The SlingShot, A production vehicle that is manufactured in the United States, by Polaris Industries. This is classified as a motorcycle in most parts of the world, however it is probably not like any motorcycle that you’ve ever seen before. 

INNOVV C5 has many more functions than the previous INNOVV C3. The most important addition is that it can be used both independantly or remotely controlled and monitored, from a Smartphone. This gives it an amazing set of functions.


The installation into the SlingShot was a straightforward operation and everything went together very well. The SlingsShot is a three wheeled reverse trike that has some very futuristic looks, that would not be out of place in a Batman or Transformers film.

All of these locations enable the camera to be positioned pointing, forward or backwards and allow a selection of shots. The camera lead connects to the C5 control unit and is long enough to reach all of the positions that I have chosen to use.

I have found the the best camera position is on the spine, of the SlingShot, pointing forward, as this enables a very good view of the road ahead and also captures the driver and any passenger, riding in the vehicle.

INNOVV C5 Dashcam on Slingshot.webp

The supply lead was then run through to the cockpit and behind the instrument cluster. I located the holder for the C5 between the center console and the stearing column so that it could remain in place but stay out of sight and avoid theft. The SlingShot has no roof and is totally waterproof both inside and out, it was very good to find that the C5 equipment , (camera and controll unit) is also waterproof. This allows me to leave the C5 in position inside the SlingShot and not be concerned if the beautiful British weather, turns to beautiful British rain.

INNOVV C5 Dashcam on Slingshot2.webp

With everything installed all that was left was to link the C5 to my smartphone. The software installed without any problems and the next job is to link the phone to the C5. This is done by the smartphone recognizing the C5 as a WiFi hotspot. After this process has been completed, when power is supplied to the C5 the WiFi becomes active and this can be identified by a flashing green light, on the unit. The WiFi link is selected and the two devices are happy talking to each other.

INNOVV C5 Dashcam on Slinghot3.webp
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