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How to Install K3 on Motorcycle

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Fitting the Innovv K3 Camera System to a BMW R1250 GS Adventure

Fitting the Innovv K3 Camera System to a BMW R1250 GS Adventure

00:00 Intro 00:20 Camera Footage 01:00 Intro to Companion Video (unboxing) 01:51 Install Generally 03:03 DVR and Power Unit 05:45 Front Camera 07:36 GPS 09:26 Rear Camera 11:34 Remote Control 13:48 External Microphone 15:33 Battery Connections 17:10 Firmware Update 22:05 Innovv App 28:39 More Footage 30:00 Outro Hello all and welcome to the channel This video covers the fitting of the Innovv K3 Dual Motorcycle Camera to my BMW R1250GS Adventure There is a companion video that goes with this showing the unboxing of the K3, it's features and comparisons with the Innovv K2 that I've owned for nearly 3 years. That video is here: The Camera can be purchased in the UK here: Or Worldwide here: Thanks a lot for watching and ride safe Nick Below are various links to kit I use or items referenced in this video. These are (United Kingdom) links and clicking through and purchasing does earn me a small commission and costs you nothing extra. I'd be really grateful if you are buying any of these if you used the links and help support the channel. Thank you Accessories on (or used for) My R1250GS Motorcycle Dryer Bruhl MD1400 1400W Motorcycle Dryer - Horn Denali Soundbomb Horn - Battery Charger (Dual Standard Connect and Canbus - Fits Din Socket to charge) Optimate 4 - BMW Canbus Edition - Din/USB Twin Outlet Adapter Optimate Dual USB Charger - 3300mA DIN Plug - Tank Bag Givi ST602 Sport Tanklock Bag - Tanklock Ring for above (R1200/1250GS) - Protection ACF50 Rust Protector (with buddy bottle, aerosols are poor) - Clothing I wear Crash Helmet Shoei Neotec II - Waterproof Jacket (Over Rukka Textile) Tucano Urbano Nano Rain Jackket - Waterproof Trousers (Over Rukka Textile) Tucano Urbano Nano Rain Trousers - Equipment I use to film videos Main Helmet Camera Go Pro Hero 7 Black - Mirror Mounted (rear-facing) Camera SJ Cam SJ4000 - Fixed Front and Rear Cameras (supplementary footage) Innovv K2 Dual Camera Kit - Adapter needed to add supplimentary mics to GoPro Hero 5/6/7/8 GoPro Microphone Adapter - Case for mounting GoPro and Mic Adapter Ulanzi Multi-purpose GoPro Case - BOTH MICS below have leads for Mobile Phone (to use GoPro Adapter with these you need a TRS to TRRS Adapter) Rode Phone Accessory (TRS to TRRS Adapter) - Helmet Microphone (needs GoPro Adapter) and Tie-pin mic Indoors Aufgeld Lavalier Microphone - Indoor Microphone (GoPro and Phone Cameras) Rode Micro Compact -