2020 first cycling - fujian blessing tour

Jan.01, 2020

福建 01.jpg

The first ride of the New Year - a blessed journey to start a year of good luck.

26 motorcycles and 30 members. 

This time we will make Fujian our first stop in 2020.

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We went to the temple to pray.

The master in the temple greeted us and read the scriptures.

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The Fujian tulou are Chinese rural dwellings unique to the Hakka in the mountainous areas in southeastern Fujian, China. They were mostly built between the 12th and the 20th centuries.

tulou is usually a large, enclosed and fortified earth building, most commonly rectangular or circular in configuration, with very thick load-bearing rammed earth walls between three and five stories high and housing up to 800 people.

Smaller interior buildings are often enclosed by these huge peripheral walls which can contain halls, storehouses, wells and living areas, the whole structure resembling a small fortified city.          

- wikipedia


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Because the Spring Festival is coming, red lanterns are hung in the tulou, creating a strong festive atmosphere.

At dusk, our members took photos in front of the tulou.

The contrast between the modern industrial motorcycle and the ancient Chinese architecture forms a kind of beauty.

The enthusiastic tulou host invited us to make lunch in the tulou to experience the original life of the tulou.

After leaving the tulou, we headed for the Gutian.


The gutian conference was the ninth party congress of the fourth army of the red army of workers and peasants held in gutian village, shanghang county, fujian province on December 28, 1929.

This meeting is of great significance in the history of the communist party of China and the red army of workers and peasants.

We will never forget how hard our revolutionary predecessors worked to bring us the wonderful life we have today.

The fufeng brothers took a group photo at the ye jianying memorial garden in Meizhou.

As another important highlight of the first ride of the New Year, fufeng brothers study and travel in the red revolutionary base areas, inheriting the revolutionary spirit.