Aug 6, 2017

Tour guide South America: introduction

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Edited: Aug 7, 2017


Hi all !

I am Pieter, an adventure motorcycle tour guide in South America with the company Compass Expeditions (, check it out !).

In this short first post, allow me to introduce myself and the company:


I like riding ... a lot ! I started, of course, on the street, then started motorcycle racing two years ago (See my post in the Innovv website of July 2016) and eventually, after some courses in Belgium and Germany, started loving off-road riding. Ever since I started riding, I've been experimenting with different motorcycle cameras: on the street, I wanted a motorcycle dashcam to record my every move, in case an accident would happen. On the race track and off-road, I wanted to analyze speeds, the bikes' behavior and my posture properly. After trying and failing a lot of different cameras, I came across the Innovv cameras. The results were very good and I got very good and personal support from Rock ! I started with the C3 system on my BMW R1200R, then upgraded to the K1 GPS-integrated dual-camera on my Yamaha R1 track bike and as I start my adventure in South America now, I will be touring with the new C5 !

The touring: Compass Expeditions tours South American (Brazil, Argentina, Chili, Bolivia and Peru) all year long with dual-purpose bikes. Our fleet consists of BMW F700GS, R1200GS and Triumph Tigers 800. We take our clients to the most remote places of the continent, where no other touring company goes! These trips are not your average vacation, but an adventurous expedition ! The group of maximum 14 people is accompanied by two guides: One leads the group on his bike, the other follows with a large support vehicle carrying a mobile workshop and the clients' luggage.


I'll make sure to post some stories, pictures and of course, ride videos every once in a while. Make sure to tune in !



Aug 7, 2017

Hi Pieter, you are welcome and thank you for sharing.

Looking forward to seeing stories and pictures catching on the way.

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