Sep 12, 2017

Jo Rust's Peru Adventure 2017

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Edited: Sep 12, 2017


Me again, I'm on the "Jo Rust's Peru Adventure tour" as support vehicle driver right now. I'm finally seeing the Peruvian jungle, lake Titicaca floating islands, Chauchilla cemetery, Nazca lines, Lima and eventually Machu Picchu ... The highlights until now were the animals in the jungle (tarantulas crawling up to the bar when we were having a drink, frogs jumping around in the toilet bowl,...) and the Colca canyon with its condors.





The current tour is our annual Peru-only tour for which Compass Expeditions invites a famous rider to lead. Last year that VIP was Charlie Boorman, known for his motorcycle adventures with Ewan McGregor. This year, it's Jo Rust, who flew in from South Africa. She became famous in the world of adventure riding as the first woman to ride around Africa on a motorcycle, solo. Quite an adventure and an inspiring story !!


The next tour will take us from Cusco, Peru to San Pedro de Atacama in Chili. It will be the first tour where I get to try out the new Innovv C5 !






Sep 12, 2017

Thanks for update, that is great adventure I hope to join one day!


Look forward to see the touring with Jo Rust and the recordings from INNOVV C5.

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