Mar 13

Smart Motorcycle Tail Light


We had below discussions about two wheels on road- 1) Not treat equally, 2) Mirror on motorcycle is unreliable.


1. You are absolutely correct.  In many parts of the world, a two-wheeled vehicle, powered or not, is seen as part of the road-user environment and while they may not be treated as an equal to a four-wheeler, they are given some space and consideration. 


2. There are two trains of thought here.  One is that yes, you are most correct in that many mirrors (stock or otherwise) do not still function as well as they could (size or placement); but, on the other hand, the mirror is just or should be just one of the safety aides used and should not be relied upon in any sense, making it (critical) that the head be moved and shoulder checks done – and while this, to some, is seen as an effort or perhaps distracting in some ways (which it can be), moving the head to change the point or better  yet, field of view, is for the most part, a very positive action that is a big contributor to maintaining a 360 safety environment.  Working from a somewhat fixed point of view (helmet or mirror sight-lines) is both limiting and dangerous…but its what many (many) riders live by.  So, again, having any aides can be positive, as long as they do not introduce a risk by themselves.


Mar 13

We had idea for years to make a device to improve such issue.


I guess in reality its actually the ‘smart way to address the above issues’, as I doubt if any of us will be able to ‘fix’ the issue completely.  Positive attempts to address and mitigate the issues can be done in the near term, fixing the whole mess we find ourselves in regarding traffic is a generational thing, I think.



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@Frostie, We'd like to invite you for discussion, your ideas and comment.

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