Jul 24, 2017

K1 v2 Feature Requests


Splitting this out from the C5 post comments, as it's really a separate item.


Having now used the K1 for several months, along with extensive reading of reviews and write-ups online, the following shows what I think should be part of the K2 refresh.

- Waterproof 'Save video' button (seems a bit strange that this wasn't part of the original spec)

- Wifi on DVR unit, to allow access to view/download data

- Phone app, to allow to view video in realtime (via Wifi), control app settings, etc

- Bluetooth

- When the 'save video' button is pressed, the unit should keep saving the recording, even if it starts a new video file (currently if a new video file is started, the new recording is not placed in the save folder)

- Waterproof DVR unit

- Touchscreen (nice to have, but if able to control from phone, less important)


- For people who have purchased the K1 v1, the ability to purchase just the upgraded components (at a discount perhaps ? :) )


As I think of more things, I'll update this post. I'm sure others will have comments as well.


Jul 24, 2017

(Moved over from C5 dev thread)



@Rock Liu - I'd really love to see those features come into action:D

I drive a Yamaha TDM 900.

Actually here is my installation video, loooong overdue.

I've taken power from the lights and went through a 7Amp power filter/stabilizer designed for HiFi audio systems which helps eliminate all power hiccups that could affect the DVR.

Taking power from the lights means the K1 will start after the engine starts and will not stop until I turn off the key and the lights (which work even with a stopped engine), which might be helpful in case of an accident.

The K1 has served me very well so far and I love it!

I think it's a pretty successful product considering the interest people show it around here.

Here are some samples:

In the first and last videos you can notice the red (or rather purple) tint I was complaining about.

Jul 26, 2017

+1 with EY Kalman.

+ make better cooling for main unit (copper radiator, and optional radiator, possibly active cooling (which, however, is not possible if the device is waterproof))

+ improved fixation of the connection point to the unit (many pplz сomplain that after a while the connectors lose connections.)

Jul 26, 2017

To be sure,


1. Lens and DVR are water proof.

2. DVR is made with aluminum part for cooling.

3. Type C connector and fixed connection.

4. WiFi/App for live recording review and setting.


I have question, do we really need the wired control button? as too many cables that make some people feel mess.


Jul 26, 2017

I don't find the wired control button to be too much - it's something that's very useful to have (apart from having collision control automatically save recording).

The main problem with it is that it's not currently waterproof - I've had to find something to cover it to make sure it doesn't break (I've seen other solutions out there as well).

I don't think it's too many cables - I have various other things on the bike as well, and don't have any cable issues

Jul 26, 2017

@ Viorel Lungu

You have very interesting videos, but all of them are unpublic.

Why do not set them to public and share to INNOVV K1 category?

People can see why motorcycle camera system is needed.

Jul 26, 2017

For sure, once have wired control button, it should be waterproof, GPS is well.


Now what in mind is to keep the camera system to be simple as possible.


GPS should be included.


@EY, I believe you are very skillful, you can manage everything well in bike.

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