Jul 26, 2017

INNOVV POWER HUB1 installed on BMW R1200GS










Nov 2, 2018

Hi. May I ask where did you get the switched positive from? (yellow wire) Thanks in advance

Nov 10, 2018

Typically trigger wire is wired to a riding light like the license plate light

Nov 12, 2018

Yeap... I see what you mean, but in this case the yellow wire is going to the front of the bike, though the unit is quite close to the rear lights...

I was intrigued on where would he get that switched 12v, as I face the same issue with the same bike model...

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  • I recently purchased the INNOVV K2. At that time, I saw the Power Hub 2 and thought it would be useful for powering some of my accessory devices due to the time delay. When I went to install it today, I noticed that there is no way to plug the K2 DVR into the Power Hub 2. Unlike the K2 Power Converter, which has a 3-wire connector for powering the DVR, the Power Hub 2 only has fused power and ground wires. For INNOVV: It appears the Power Hub 2 was designed to work in addition to the K2 Power Converter, not to replace it. Is this correct? I do not want to install both devices, so am wondering if I should cut the power connector off of the K2 Power Converter and splice it in to the Power Hub 2 wires. Or can you provide a separate output connector for use in connecting power and ground from the Power Hub 2 to the K2 DVR's power input? If not, can you please provide a pin-out diagram of the power connector used to connect the K2 Power Converter and DVR? Please advise.
  • Question: Looking forward to seeing your install on F850GS Adventure, and would like to learn that power hub2 if have any issue with BMW power management system, some riders concern on that and would like to use Hex eZCAN to connect the can bus on motorcycle, eZCAN retail price is USD185. Answers: (made by Bruce Cole, skilled and knowledgeable ) Re the F850GS Adventure – the plan is to do an initial overview then a longer term follow-up in spring/summer, once I’ve accumulated more time and distance on it.  But any of the accessories installed that are written up for individual reviews will of course feature the motorcycle as well. PowerHub2 – there should be no issues with BMW on-board systems.  As long as the main connections are made to the battery or an equivalent source and the switched trigger lead is connected to something like a switched accessory lead, license plate light or accessory DIN outlet, then there is no impact, or should not be – but I read of issues almost every day, usually due to users not understanding things.  One of the best things of the PowerHub products is that they are small and easy to install, providing users with five switched outputs for those things that don’t need to be or can’t be managed best by a CAN-based accessory manager, like the HEX ezCAN or Denali CANsmart or Clearwater CANopener, or… The CAN-based managers are excellent products in their own right – I use and install all of them and help evaluate beta firmware, etc.  But optimal use of these products are for accessories that can be or need to be ‘managed’, such as switched lights or those that users want as adjustable that can then be done using a handlebar control and the multi-Function-controller or Jog Wheel; this is where the CAN-based systems come into their own.  And yes, their output circuits can now be set to function as straight power outlets, but in many instances, this isn’t the optimal use of the system (although having PWM adjustable output for a heated gear circuit is one very good application for these systems other than for lighting). But if something like a CAN-based accessory manager isn’t needed, but switched power is, then the Power Hub devices are far more applicable and effective.  Many of us have a CAN-based controller for our front and rear facing lighting (providing tail/brake/deceleration-based output based on the onboard sensor and controller data) and we also have a separate power distribution module of some sort (be they straight switched outputs or PWM capable outputs – like the Neutrino Black Box systems).  And where basic switched outputs will meet requirements, the Power Hub products are hard to beat regarding simplicity, effectiveness and cost.  As way of example, the F850GS Adventure will use a Power Hub 2 to provide switched power for two 2.4A USB outlets, the Admore SB Light Bar (rear-facing auxiliary LED product), a set of bi-colour handguard LEDs and, if so needed down the road, power for the rear-facing auxiliary LEDs kits typically installed on a top-box and/or side panniers.
  • The big change to the power hub1 is reduce the size, and the currency also reduced from 40A to 20A which is suitable for the most requirement from the devices.
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