Oct 27, 2018

WIFI will not connect (possible fix found)


Edited: Oct 27, 2018

Sorry to start a new thread on this but didn't want to get buried in an old thread.


I have updated the app, updated the firmware but can NOT connect via wifi.


Good news is that the camera is working and videos are being stored on the SD card. Just confirmed on a 1 hr ride. All videos were in order with no gaps.


Problem is I am unable to connect via wifi to make any setting changes and I am not getting the GPS info on the vidoes due to default settings.


This ALL started with the firmware update. Everything worked fine until the firmware updates. The WIFI has to be in the firmware update. Yes I installed it properly as all the lights flashed as instructed. But I do get a message when saving to the SD card that states not all properties are copied do you want to continue. Is that a normal message?


My Iphone sees the INNOVV K2 wifi network. when I try to connect it flashed "No internet connection" and then drops out and never connects.


Getting tired of dealing with this.

Oct 27, 2018

When updating the firmware did you save the file to computer then transfer file to card ? I tried this numerous times and found not all files were transferred. Clear the card completely then insert card into computer, download latest firmware but save direct to card, this worked for me. Hope it helps.

Oct 27, 2018

downloaded to DROPBOX (only way I can open the bin file) DVR red light repeatedly blinks like it should. WIFI Network shows up on the iphone but will not connect. APP will not work due to no wifi connection so I can do nothing with the settings. This thing worked before updates so I know something is messed up. I just want a refund at this point. Tired of wasting time.

Oct 27, 2018

If the IPhone can see the K2 signal but not connect it would seem to be a IPhone or IOS, or settings problem.


As Andrea Z stated earlier on another post, Try turning on "Airplane Mode" which disables "Cellular Data, WI-FI , Bluetooth" and then turn WI-FI back on and try to connect., or just do what I do and disable "Cellular Data Mode"... cycle power on phone first..


If that works then turn "Airplane Mode" off, enable "cellular Data Mode" if disabled, and check that "WIFI" assist is not enabled. (if it detects a weak wi-fi signal it shifts to cellular data mode)


Anytime you update phone or app's /firmware it is always good to cycle power/ soft reset phone or unit that was updated.


There are many people writing system and app software, so many that a lot of it does not want to play well together, so make sure that both phone and app software and firmware are up to date...Check settings....


The final part of your post is an option too. Been there and done that on a few items I've ordered in the past...

Oct 30, 2018

Thank you for input, it is very helpful tip. and we can see it works.

Oct 27, 2018

Thx Warren not a iphone issue it is in the DVR. Phone and ipads connect just fine to every other wifi signal and even my go pro connects so it is in the DVR.

Oct 27, 2018Edited: Oct 27, 2018

Decided to give it another shot. Decided to completely start fresh so I completetly fomatted my SD card on my PC and then reformated to Fat32 using this site


I put the SD card in the DVR and powered it on just to confirm that files were being recorded on it. They were so.......


I downloaded :


to my download files on my PC and then dropped the entire file onto the SD card. I then updated the DVR and all lights flashed indicating that the firmware updated. I then hit the reset button on the DVR and it powered off


On my phone I went to General settings and reset network settings.


I powered on the DVR and when the WIFI light was flashing i opened the WIFI on my phone and saw the INNOVV K2 Wifi and clicked on it. It asked for a password. So I entered the original factory password of 12345678 that I used when I initially set up the DVR.


Damn thing connected.


I opened the updated INNOVV APP and it all connected and I made all the setting changes and it all took and is working as it should. I will confirm on a ride tomorrow.


Not sure what exactly made it work but those are the things I did.

Oct 28, 2018Edited: Oct 28, 2018

"reset network settings on the phone" Seems like it was a phone issue,


While the other actions may have helped and were an excellent path to take, I am going with the "network reset" based on the fact that you could see but not connect to the K2 SSID but everything else appeared to worked...


Apparently that deleted or forgot the K2 wifi settings and forced you to establish a new connection.


Copied from Apple Support....

"Reset your Network Settings."

"Go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings. This also resets Wi-Fi networks and passwords, cellular settings, and VPN and APN settings that you've used before."


Did you have to reconnect any other wifi connections, I ask because I am not sure if all network settings are reset or just the ones not connected at the time...


If you can not connect to a certain wifi connection even though you can see the SSID , most times you can select "forget connection" and then establish a new one...


I guess sometimes a firmware update would change settings back to default.... I learned something, Thank You Ron..

Oct 28, 2018

One would think that the network reset would be the solution. However, I had done that previously with no success.


I am kind thinking that with the DVR reset, the key may have been as simple as using the factory password 12345678. I think the phone just kept my personal password and was trying to connect and failing but not telling me the password was incorrect.


I think the combination of the DVR reset and the network reset forced the phone to ask for a new password and when I entered the factory 12345678 vs my previously personal password it connected as it should.


I am happy I finally connected but the lack of support has been annoying. But to be expected I guess when the support team is on the other side of the globe and most IT is contracted out.


Now I hope it just keeps working and will address all this on the next update!! LOL

Oct 29, 2018Edited: Oct 30, 2018

I do believe you are correct even on the support, or lack thereof, problem...


But, I think it would be a pretty tough job to design software/ firmware to operate properly with the myriad of systems/ OS's in a universe where the only constant is "The variable rate of change" , especially when a company like Apple puts out an update (IOS 12) that doesn't even work 100% with it's own phones..H'mm, maybe one bad apple does spoil the whole bunch...


Questions if you do not mind, Are you in the states and did you order your unit direct or third party, if direct, how long did it take and did you have any problems with customs... or any other concerns...



Oct 29, 2018

I am in California. I ordered direct off the website and had the unit in less 2-3 days.


I agree on making things work across several platforms could be challenging but if you are going to enter that world with a IT dependant product then you better make sure you have all the capabilities in place.


Had no issues with customs or original install. Issues started to pop up as updates started coming out.

But as with all newer products, we are all part of the learning stage and the product can only improve from our input.

Oct 30, 2018

Glad to see the problem fixed, and we can see how the forum/the community works.


Indeed, we are learning from the discussion as well.

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