Oct 14, 2018

Where are the video files?


When checking today something I wanted to see (as I supposed that my K2 was recording everything and just deleting "older" files in the 125Gb SD card that is installed), I've realized that a period of time when I've been riding today is missing... How this can be possible? There are video files from previous time and days and later... but there is a "hole" in a period of time in which I've been riding my bike.


I've also realized that there are 2 folders. One is called "VIDEO" (in which I presume are all the "normal" videos that the K2 is recording) and other is called "PARK" (in which I presume are the videos "triggered" by the park mode). But in the "PARK" folder are also many videos that have been recorded when riding the bike (I've been riding 10 hours per day this weekend).


If in addition to the lack of quality of the videos (far away of what is shown in the "expo" videos and photos), I cannot trust in what is recorded and when, I will consider that the K2 is just a new piece of hardware&software not working as expected and a (new) waste of money.


Any idea?

Oct 14, 2018

Have you checked that all recordings from two folders are matching the time you were ridding?


You rode 10 hours per day, and do you get 10 hours videos?

Oct 15, 2018

Hi Rock! Thanks for your reply.


Yes, the available recordings match time. What is missing is everything between 12:35 and 14:00 on 14th October, time in when I was riding for sure my bike. I have the impression that after when stopped before 12:35 the K2 did not switch again on and that it only was "reactivated" after my stop in a petrol station at 14:00 not recording anything during that time.


I've switched off the parking option and I will change the duration of the recordings (now fixed at 5 minutes) for something lower (1 minute or maybe 3) and I will pay attention to see if everything is recorded next time I take the bike.

Oct 14, 2018

I have same video files in VIDEO folders, and same files in PARK folders. I don't now why? I have Park mode off. I think, it is bug firmware.

Oct 16, 2018

It depends on your shock setting, if the system senses a gforce above your setting it'll save the video in the PARK folder so that it doesn't get overwritten.


Oct 16, 2018

Ok, but why? It does not make sense. Park mode is OFF = Park folder is empty. This should be obvious

Oct 16, 2018

The park folder is simply misnamed. think of it as a do not delete file -both shock and park videos will go there

Oct 18, 2018

@Ron Swenson, you are right. the name should be locked.


Have to make change.



Apr 3

And....??? Half a year and nothing....wake up!!!

Apr 5

@Rock Liu

I assume I have found the settings for the folder names within the firmware.

Shall I try to change them? :-)

Personally I don't see what the deal is with a file name. As long as the G force files and Park files go there and don't get deleted then I don't really care what the file name is. But that is just my opinion. I would be more concerned about doing another update just to change file name. I had a bunch of issues with the last update and not looking forward to another.

Apr 5

@Ron Swenson

I don´t care about the folder names, too. That was just a small and friendly taunt towards Innov/Rock to get forward with an update to fix some issues and missing features.

For example letting the user alter the video settings (sharpness, brightness, etc.).


I am currently trying to change these settings myself by directly modifying the firmware, as I did with the bitrate. But I would rather do this the official way using the app.

@Frostie I hear ya!! Updates make me nervous as I was dead in the water for a couple weeks last time!! LOL With this I just want to keep it simple and hope it is recording if something bad happens!!

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