Feb 18

When is WiFi 'live'


Hi, I've finally got the full system installed on my GSX650F, but I'm having trouble with the WiFi connection.


Is the SSID always broadcasting or does it only broadcast when the bike ignition is on?


I've got it wired in as designed, red - live, yellow - switched, but can only connect to the WiFi when the bike is running, but the blue WiFi light flashes when the ignition is off, suggesting that it should connect all the time.


How strong should the WiFi signal be, how close to the bike do I need to be to connect to it?


My phone is a Samsung Galaxy S9 running Android 9

The cameras must be connected to dvr in order for wifi to connect.



Feb 20

Hi Fidge,


My understanding is the switch wire will only trigger the system to turn on once ignition is turned on and likewise will instruct the System to shut down once the Trigger (Ignition) is switched off.


Just been to the garage to check my system to try and help. My Unit powers up a few seconds after you turn on ignition. And wifi will flash until you connect to it. At that point it goes solid blue. I can connect to my Wifi from approx 10 metres away with no problem. When ignition is turned off it Powers down the system completely within approx 1 minute and all lights turn off.


Hope that helps in some way.

Feb 23

Thanks for the reply nkersey, I was hoping that the WiFi would stay live with the ignition off, but I guess that would drain the bike battery even quicker than the system does already. That said, you need to have the bike running to be able to download files remotely, so as to not drain the battery because with the ignition on, the lights will be on too, again draining the battery.


My experience of the WiFi isn't grate anyway, even with the bike running I've only been able to download 1, 1 minute clip, out of 10 attempts. Sometimes it says that the file has downloaded and there is a file on the phone, but it's a empty file.


The WiFi seems very flaky, even when standing over the bike, with the engine running, seat off and the DVR in view the connection is hit and miss. Not what I expected from a camera system in this price range.

Feb 23

Yeah the wifi isn't the best but downloading any files of that size over Wifi is going to take time. Best way i've found is to remove the SD card and use a card reader and download to PC, Same as i do with my GoPro etc. Much faster to download and you can do far more with the Files on a PC anyway.

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