Aug 9

SPEED Readouts in MPH or KPH


I have one of the older K2's with the rectangular cube cameras. I can't remember when I purchased it ... maybe 2014 or 2015 is my best guess.

The GPS readout is great as is the speed shown on the footage. It is however only available in the old Australian Standard of Miles per Hour. In 1972 Australia joined much of the developed world and converted to the Metric System. While there are some large markets for INNOVV's products still using the Imperial Miles per Hour. Many markets ONLY USE METRIC, why is there no firmware update that has the readout showing Kilometres per Hour.


I recently handed some footage to the NEW South Wales Police on a USB Flash drive & showed them the footage on my laptop. The Senior Constable noted the "MPH" Speed and said the footage could not be used as the speeds in NEW South Wales was in KPH and therefore my footage was not reliable.

I said that multiplying the 45MPH to 52MPH shown on the footage by 1.609 would give the KPH speed range of 72KPH to 83KPH I was doing in an 80KPH zone while being harassed by another motorist wanting me to go faster by tailgating, flashing his lights and trying to pass on either side of me. I pulled over after 35 seconds and let him go ahead. Then he proceeded at 30KPH to 40KPH in the same 80KPH zone.

Apparently simple multiplication is beyond that particular NEW South Wales Police Officer or he is just bone lazy. I do hope the next time I give my view of a dangerous driver to NEW South Wales Police I have the opportunity to speak with an officer that can use a calculator.




A classic example of the inteligence/common sense of people in charge these days

Odd that members of the 'developed world' as you put it can't all use simple maths ;)

(from a user from your 'parent' UK....!)

You can switch between mph and kph through the app...

My K2 Camera System is OLD STYLE. There was no app for it when I purchased. It (loop) records onto a Micro SD Card. I really have it for video evidence of idiot Drivers and Riders. I have done 25,000 to 28,000 Km a year in the past. Currently I do all I can and like the thought that I have video if it all goes pear shaped.

Aug 12

It is K1 without App.

Happy to see it stands with you for such long riding in the last two years.


Yes, it is Mile. and as the camera was no longer producing, A bit hard to update to KM.

My mistake, I do have a K1 (Dual camera System) NOT a K2 (Dual camera System).

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