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{SOLVED} Android app not recognising established wifi connection


Edited: Feb 4


I just finished the instalation of the K2 on a 2018 R1200GS.

I updated the frimware to the latest version aivalable on your website and I installed the latest app version on my Oneplus 6T (Android 9.0).

I can see the Wifi network Innovv_k2 and the phone connects to the DVR.

But after starting the app it does not seem to recognise the connection and keeps stating that there is no connection.

As the app does not see the connection I can not controle the dvr remotely and no settings are displayed.

Any help would be appreciated.






same phone

please put it airplane mode then turn on wifi... it will work.

Feb 4Edited: Feb 4

Hi Andrea, many thanks for your reply.


I tried the airplane mode but that did not help.

In the mean time I found the DVR and camera's fully operational on inserting a 32 GB Micro SD.

The problem that remains is the fact that I can not configure the DVR or format any larger SD card due to the app missing the wifi connection.

I read something on this forum related to the Google location service and I will try this out and report back.


This is strange, in my case using airplane mode and then turning on only wifi (leaving airplane ON) makes me connect to the camera.

Feb 4

Andrea, I will try it again today and report back. I would like it to be solved this simple....

@hermanh I agree with you. I believe latest android version changed something and INNOVV app should be updated consequently.

Please write to support, it seems the forum is conveniently addressed only some times.

Feb 4Edited: Feb 4

Everything working fine now.

Thanks for your help Andreas.

The culperit seems to be the location service.

I put the phone in airplane mode, switched on wifi and the the location service. The app now works as advertised.

I'm happy the problem is solved.

Hi my friend. I have a similar problem. I want to ask you a question: look my picture , it is the same problem that you have to? I have an Android too.



yes, why don't you try what I suggested? it worked for me, but of course... i'm not affiliated with innovv, i can only share my little and personal experience

Feb 9Edited: Feb 9

Hello, I had a different message. Nothing about camera initialisation. Simply a message from the app asking to connect to the network while the phone was connected to the Innovv network. Try a search on the forum. I remember having seen a comment on the message you got while searching the forum for my problem.


I have the same issue with WIFI........ ( BMW R1200GS Adventure 2018 )

The DVR is getting power and I cant connect to WIFI (phone does not recognize the DVR WIFI)


I have tried 4 cellphones (same issue)


I connected the DVR directly to USB with powerbank and still does not recognize WIFI

Where is the problem ?




May 13

The issue was not caused by power supply, it is the problem from WiFi connection.


Please follow up below procedure to check,


1. Delete the App and redownload it, and enable all requirement the App asked for, like GPS location and others.


2. Set up phone to Airplane mode and enable WiFi.


3. Connect Mobile phone to Camera via App again.

The issue was caused by defective front camera , when i switched between rear & front everything start work. (wifi is activated and DVR connected)


you need to mention in user manual that if front camera not connected or defective dvdr will not connect.


DVR will invisible for phone if camera not connected to FRONT CAMERA SLOT.




Added to the 'Top Tips' thread.




since I updated the application to new version 1.2.9  (also update  the phone to Android 9) 

connection problems back again ...... Phone to DVR wifi connect with no problems

application not recognizes the connection   (no connection in application)

i tried with airplane mode and without  (app no connection)


Not working  -          Oneplus 3T - Android 9  

Not working  -          Oneplus 5 - Android 9   Working -                 Xiaomi Pocophone F1 - everything works good

Where is the problem?




May 26Edited: May 26


Similar problem on my Samsung Galaxy J5 2017 with Android 8.1.0

Firmware 0.49 loaded in the K2.

App version1.2.9 on the phone crashes continuosly.

Same firmware with APP 1.2.7 is working.

Tested with and without Airplane Mode.

Tested also with and without Location enabled on the phone.

May 27

As I have also reported here somewhere, I am also an affected user.


Today, after trying the new app update, I succeeded in getting connected with another phone, but not from my usual Samsung J5.



I too am in a similar situation now, which is disconcerting since everything was working great!

The DVR connects to WiFi in phone, but when I open the app (latest version) it always crashes immediately. This is in airplane mode, cell off, which used to be fine. App opens fine if DVR is off. I tried the reset button, different mem cards ( loaded with newest firmware) but still nothing.

It will record video on my 128 card, but at all the default settings and GPS is not recorded (light stays blinking). Wish there was another way to access the settings and at least get the DVR set up right. Could a bad GPS unit be causing?

I also have problems with v.1.3.0 on my Android Samsung A5. The app keeps stopping so I can't check anything. My I pad does work so I now know that the firmware upgrade worked and both cameras work. The wife's I pad also works. However,my wife's Android phone doesn't work and that is a Nokia 8. It keeps searching for an ip address but I haven't tried either phone in airplane mode. My A5 phone used to work before the app upgrade.

I followed all the above steps on 2 different Motorola phones (G3, G5) with different OS, and even though the app worked fine for months, it will only crash now if wifi is connected: "INNOV K2 Keeps stopping" pop up. There is no problem connecting the wifi on airplane mode.

Tried my son's OnePlus 6T, and it works normal. Records, and I was able to change settings to what I wanted. I can access the K2 with the Moto phones using the direct browser links Frostie provided.

Not sure if related, but my GPS doesn't work, even trying a second new receiver from a friend.

The app on my Samsung A5 keeps crashing, showing INNOVV K2 Keeps stopping, and in airplane mode it won't connect. My wife's Nokia 8 works ok in airplane mode.

Not only is it working on my Samsung A5 phone, it is also working on my two Samsung tablets, Tab pro 12 (SMT 900) running android v 5.1.1 and Tab S2 (SMT713) running android 7.0. And you can't even access the app on google play store with either of them. A nice result - many thanks.

I'll wait for the official release on Play Store.



That file is no longer in dropbox ...

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