Jul 15

SD Card Access


Well, I have had this device for about 6 weeks now.

I purchased it on the basis of many recommendations.

Overall it is a great unit and great concept

BUT it is totally flawed.

As an engineered design it sucks.

I purchased this on the understanding that it had wifi for file transfer.

It does, so I can't say it is false advertising but the wifi file transfer is so slow you could never use it. Why in this day and age is wifi so slow - Fail #1.

Fail #2 is access to the SD card

The only way to reasonably access video files is to remove the SD card and copy on a PC.

The only way to remove the SD card is to try to get access to the DVR unit in the bowels of your bike, remove three very tiny screws without losing them and try to take the SC card out.

It's a pain in the butt, not just removing the SD card but trying to replace it.

The worst engineered design I have ever come across - or should I say non-engineered design.

The least you could do Innovv is design a plastic removable plug of some sort and send it out free of charge to all the suckers that bought this medieval piece of crap.

Jul 15

Thank you for comment,

Video file downloading speed is limited by WiFi band,

DVR SD card slot has a aluminum pad and screw up to avoid any leaking, especially for K2 used on military grade.


I am not going to find excuses, listening to customer and keep improving is the only way to make product to be even better.

Rock, I suggest you fix the WiFi speed. I can't even watch a clip via Wi-Fi to the dvr. I'm sure a firmware upgrade should fix it.

Wifi band is limited by what you put in the device.

Anyone now can use a wifi transceiver with a,b,n technology with high speed and compact size.

You should look into it.

Motorbikes (your largest customers) are not military grade. We want ease of use.

Jul 20

Agree with you, will do check accordingly how to get high speed WiFi.


For sure, we are looking for advise from knowledge people.


Another thing that would make it more usable would be to have all cables able to disconnect from the DVR. The problem at the moment is once all cables are fixed into a bike, you cannot remove the DVR.

Jul 15Edited: Jul 15

I have to agree with Peter. The old design with the rubber lip was much better and waterproof enough for normal motorbikes. Especially if you take into consideration, that the button on the top cover also only has a rubber lip for sealing.


For @Peter McLean

This is what my K2 looks lik (the old design). Easy access to USB and SD Card



That's how it should be.

How do we get one?

Jul 16

I don't know if the new design still has the hole to hold the rubber lip, so that you just need the lip. If not, I am afraid you have to make something yourself to replace the cover.


Could you post a photo of what the new design exactly looks like?

I have the new design with the rubber lip.

Which one is the new design?

I have only just bought this (2 months) ago

Did I get duded with an old design?

Frostie, here is a photo - 3 micro screws have to be removed


Jul 17

Could you make a photo with the cover removed? I would like to see if there is still a hole between the Card Slot and the Reset switch to hold the rupper lip.



@Frostie It appears that it doesn't

Couple of photos and a photo of the micro screw I have to get out and back in

I have to put duct tape under the DVR and in front of it to catch a screw if it drops.

I also use a gell on the screwdriver to hold the screws. Even so I have lost two already.

Lucky it can with three spare screws.

Quite an annoying procedure




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This is what I got 1 month ago. New but old design?


Jul 17

That's the same as the one I just got off Amazon a month ago as well

I want that rubber plug

Rock - how about it?

I purchased mine about 21 May direct from Innovv.

I assume that is the latest model and assume the ones from Amazon are possibly older stock.

Can someone advise

Jul 17

I got mine in December last year from and it has a rubber lip. The spare K2 Rock sent me also has a rubber lip, but seems to be an earlier frame, as the gap for SD Card and USB is a little bit to small. That´s why I had to cut the USB Plug a little bit to make it fit to the USB Port (see my photo above).


So I would say that the K2 with the rubber lip are the old design, whilst the one with the screwed cover are the new design.



I'd much rather have the older design but more importantly a better design would allow disconnecting all cables and removing the DVR from the bike. At the moment there are two cables permanently wired in and once installed in the bike, the DVR is impossible to remove.

Jul 17

@Peter McLean


Agree with all Peters points ...the 3 screws to get the sd card out would be a pain ...

@Peter McLean Also agreed, I'm glad I have the unit with the rubber cover, if I had the 3 screw model I'd be returning it for lack of access because as well as the hard wired connections making it impossible to remove the unit, the wi-fi is too tedious for downloading files, I use it only to check files are being created otherwise if i ever need a file i take the card out

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Your lack of response in this discussion is quite LOUD!

Jul 20

Sorry, It has been few days without reponse. I am on business traveling.


Can you send email to, our guys will take care of that?

Actually, I prefer the new design!

I have the old one, but the new one seems more water / humidity proof, which is way better in a motorcycle environment.

I ride summer and winter, mine is no show bike...

Also, maybe it also depends on bike type (does it have hardbags permanently attached to bike where the DVR can sit??) ...


Hola yo la compré en enero o febrero junto con la SD de 256 GB y me vino el tapón de goma, mi único problema fué que al cabo de 15 dias de tenerla me dejo de reconocer las Sd, la saqué para verificar en el ordenador y nada, cuando antes funcionaba correctamente, al cambiar la Sd la metí en el orificio y se ve que no tiene guia, colandose por dentro, fui con cuidado con otra y me paso lo mismo. Despegue al unidad y tuve que abrirla para ver donde estaban las sd y estaban dentro,se ve que el orificio de la carcasa es mas grande y se cuela por otro lado. Es mi única pega que le veo, junto con la lentitud del wifi y tener que sacar la tarjeta para descargar datos. Por lo demás contento con el producto.


Ahhhh, y un conector de los redondos no rosca bien, pero bueno, encaja y conexión.

yeap.. I had the same issue.

When reinserting the card (at an angle, as it was still mounted in the bike) the sd card went by the slot, not inside the slot, and it was a pain in the a$$ to retrieve it!! (I didn't open mine, though)

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