Apr 28

Rock Lui Bang out of order!


Why should we have to buy extra parts to stop battery drain??!!! This product should never have been released before you worked out to stop battery drain! You mentioned 40mps is all it takes I got a technician to measure my output he said its closer to 70mps!!! Now I’ve got to put a timed relay in to shut the power off completely because of Rock Liu’s incompetence you are bang out of order!! Are you going to compensate everybody who’s had to lay money out??

Apr 28

You got 70mA drain with parking mode disabled, using the updated power converter? Wow...that's much.

Apr 30

Do not need to pay extra money to purchase the fuse, send email to to get a free new converter.

I have the NEW converter from January 2019 but your stupid system still drains my battery! I have taken the fuse out and trying to get someone to look at this stupid battery drain issue as I am not electricaly minded!! You are incompetent in releasing this K2 system when there a inherent faults! I should take you and your company to court as its NOT FIT FOR PURPOSE!!!!!

May 13

The improved converter you received should have no power drain issue.


Whatever, please contact Felicia via email,, will send you new designed converter.

May 16

Hi Rock, I have just purchased my K2 Dash Cam and will be traveling through Europe shortly over a ten day period. I am concerned that the battery drain issue could cause me problems. May I ask how I can identify which converter version I have and if it is the "new design" that you mention? The camera holders are the new version.


May 16

Just to cut off your concerns a little bit.

If you drive nearly every day (which I understand when you write "traveling through europe"), you should not get any problems, regardless of what converter you have. The oldest converter takes around 1Ah/day. Which is an issue if you park for some days, but not over night.

May 17

Excellent - thank you so much for that helpful reply.

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