Apr 9

Randomly stop recording and some vid corrupted


Edited: Apr 17


I recently had the unit installed, but am running into a bit of an issue and could use some advise.


Issue Notes:

While the motorcycle is stationary, everything appears to be fine.

When I start riding, after the first 5 min vid encodes/writes to the SD card, the following vids don't record, until the bike is parked again.


On a previous SD card, I also noticed that at times some recordings are corrupted (they appear to not encode properly).  To resolve this I tried a different SD card.  So far I don't see corruption issues but have not tested thoroughly. I feel this might still be a TBD type of thing.


The unit came with the latest version of firmware, so I saw no point in updating.

I have however played around with the settings thoroughly and reset to factory defaults while troubleshooting. Here are my settings as of right now..




App ver: INNOVV k2 (1.2.7)



Resolution: 1080P30+1080P30

Loop Vid: 5min

Time Lapse: off

Frequency: 50Hz

G-Sensor: off

Front Rear: both

Speed: MPH

Front Mirror: none

Rear Mirror: None

Audio: On

Date/Time Display: On

Parking Mode: off


Show Speed: On



SD#1 some generic MicroSDHC class 10 64GB: had issues with some vid being corrupted. Would get a handful of good footage, but rest would appear to be corrupted.

Corrupted files were of the same size as good files. I tried repairing corrupted files, but that failed all over the place.

SD#2 Samsung 128GB 100MB/s (U3) MicroSD EVO (MB-ME128GA/AM): some footage does not appear to be recording. see Issue notes section above. I currently have this card in the unit.



SD#3 SanDisk Ultra 200GB microSDXC UHS-I 100MB/s U1 A1 (SDSQUAR-200G-GN6MA): Planning to try it out soon. Will update whenever I test it.

I found a recommendation for this microSD card on:

..a good read.




The unit is under the seat, away from the engine, so heat should not be an issue.

F/R cameras appear to be connected firmly

Power/GPS appear to be connected firmly

Tried multiple SD cards

Not checking app during ride

WiFi seems to work just fine

GPS seems to work just fine



(IN) Battery: 12.59

(IN) Yellow to the Power Converter: 11.35

(OUT) PWR to the DVR: 5.35


Anything else you guys can think of?

Greatly appreciate it, would totally love to get this thing working =]



Apr 10Edited: Apr 17

So, update. Egg on face.


I decided to test out SD card #3.

Before I did that, I physically took SD card #2 and put it in to a laptop.

I noticed that all my files were on it. No skips. Everything looks good.

I initially thought that files were missing because they were not showing up on the mobile app. Admittedly, I did not spend too much time on it.


It turns out that storage does matter. The 1st SD card was crap, 2nd appears to be working. Going with 3rd. Will check back here if there's any news. Hopefully my ramblings helped someone.


--CARD#2 and 3 work fine







Apr 10

Thank you for input and your update is helpful!!


SD card is important as there are two lens to generate data and write to SD card.


What bike do you have? will be happy to see your install.


Apr 10Edited: Apr 12

It's a '07 Ducati Monster 695..





















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