Apr 13

Playback Video


I have my cameras set to Both, but when I download the clip that I want to view it only shows one camera. How do you view both cameras at playback at the same time?


Apr 13Edited: Apr 14

Two files are written, one for the front and one for the rear camera.

***F.MP4 - front

***R.MP4 - rear

If you want to combine or view them, just use a software like "dashcam viewer" to do so. I'm pretty sure it does that. I'm not sure what other sofware is available for editing and viewing. Open to ideas though.

Apr 14Edited: Apr 17


Other software for editing:

ViRB Edit


Pinnacle Studio

kdenlive (thx Frostie)

Openshot (thx Frostie)



Adobe Premiere


**I'm pretty new, & am very open to anything else out there.

Apr 15


Actually a Linux software, but there is a windows beta, too.



Windows, Mac and Linux


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