Jun 30

New Install R1200GS Adventure: Trigger Issues


Just installed on a 2018 R1200GS Adventure, can't seem to get it to work without using the silver power button on the DVR unit, then it doesn't seem to want to turn off. Followed INNOVV recommendation to use the tail light wiring for the 'yellow' trigger (Red/Grey striped cable BMW), but I've seen elsewhere on this forum someone suggesting BMW 'pulses' the led's in the tail light - so the trigger may not work...??? Anyone know anything...???

Hi Brian i have used the rear light feed to operate a relay with no problems, put a volt meter across the feed to earth it should detect any voltage fluctuation/pulse, i used the accessory socket feed when i did mine. are you giving the unit time to power on and off on its own (10 sec delay)?

Jul 1


Problem solved! Tried to use one of those blue scotchblock connectors - but it didn't cut right through the insulation on the two cables - consequently the trigger function was not working. I took the whole thing apart, removed the connector and SOLDERED the cables together. I should have done this first time round....doh!! Trigger function and full system operating as it should now, even saw the G-sensor function come into use as I was re-assembling everything.

Jul 1

Fortunately you have managed to solve the problem.

I do not want to advise anyone about using a scotch block.

It's a mess. There is also a chance that the cable will eventually be cut due to the vibration. Soldering is simply the best.

I have installed mobile phones in cars for years and I know from experience that scochtblock is synonymous with malfunction.

It can take a short time or a long time, but you will definitely have problems with a scotchblock.

You can now start enjoying the video recordings!

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