Aug 9

New feature wish list & Bugs and Fixing



Always, there are new features to implement, new bugs found, but we are not able to the best manage the resource to fix those efficiently.


I am thinking about to create two threads,


1. New feature wish list.

Add whatever you want, and people can vote for its importance.

The priority of to do list is set base on the voting result.


2. Bugs and fixing.

Found the bugs, report it on the thread, people can add their experience if have.

With much more information, it will be helpful for fixing the bugs.


Would like to learn the ideas about the above.

Idea from @Raymond Wand

In addition and another improvement would be to have a forum that is structured, broken down by topics.  
e.g. GPS, Wifi issues, Mounting issues, Camera issues, et cetera, this way discussions are organized and the posts are easier to follow and reply to. As it is now the discussions are only broken down by date and in order to find info one must search through the topic discussions.


Aug 9

A structured forum would be a great idea. It would make it much easier to find important topics.



Spent time with the developer, seems like it is not possible at this moment.


We only can pin the important posts on top, that is the only way to sort out the important threads so far.


If too many threads pined on top, it does not looks well.

Aug 10

Perhaps it is more convenient to switch to a different platform for a forum.

I think there are enough software packages to build a forum with more options.

For example

You then have more options than what is currently in the current forum.

Aug 12

INNOVV website was setup base on Wix, and the discussion forum is same. As all data, Google tracking link to the current website and address, less chance for us to shift to others.


Have send message asking for improvement.

Being overzealous with my data, I cannot understand the need for, in order to the app work, to have the phone's GPS active.

I hate giving my data away, especially when I cannot see the need for it.


(Turning the GPS off, the app fails to recognize the wifi connection, as per my previous post here )

Aug 11

I think your comment is in the wrong topic.

Maybe you can post it in a different topic.

Then this topic stays with the topic of the topic starter.


Hi @Hans , good morning!

"New feature wish list & Bugs and Fixing", in this case, for the App?? Seems right to me...

Aug 12



My intention for this topic is to discuss how to the best manage the discussion for "New feature wish list and bug fixing"


Whatever, I heard you about concern on GPS.

I also would appreciate not to be forced to activate the location service (GPS).

New Posts
  • @Michael Williams asked in in another thread where we are all from. I am interested in this, too. But as we should not spam a thread about a technical problem with off-topic posting, I decided that is would be better to create a separate thread for this. So here it is and everybody is invited to tell us where he/she is from and show us how international this forum is. I am located in a small city beside Duesseldorf, Germany, and riding a Tiger 1200 XRT.
  • Had the K2 for 5 days now. Overall its pretty good. I have a few issues that I need to look into. 1 - The lens seems to black out in the bottom (say 4 and 8 O'Clock) A bit like the lens has Glaucoma... 2 - I start my bike, put helmet, gloves on, ride off, but recording doesn't start until I am a few miles away, has to be at least 5 minutes after setting off, and maybe 6 minutes after starting the bike. An I supposed to wais 6 minutes before setting off? 3 - I have to do something with how I transfer the files, WiFi just doesn't cut it. My bike (R1250GS Adventure) automatically powers off after X minutes, not sure exactly how many, to preserve the battery, the WiFi hasn't managed to transfer a 3 minute file before the bike powers off. I cant view from the bike, stream, as it doesn't stream, it just jitters from frame to frame. I have an iPhone XS Max if that makes any difference. So far I have not been able to download or view any recording, only when setting up on live view. On the plus side, it only took 30 minutes to set up on the bike, only having to remove the tank panel. Does anyone have any thoughts on my three issues?
  • After the firmware v61 update, I noticed the blue light on the power transformer never goes off - no matter how long the bike is off. Is this normal? What could possibly be powering this other than my battery?
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