Aug 10

Loop time opinion


Hi all.

I've got it all working now, but I have a configuration doubt?

In your opinion, which is better:

* longer recording periods (10 minutes is the longest, IIRC)


* Shorter ones


and why?


I've set it to 10 minutes in order to have less clutter / reduce number of files...



Good question! I had the same concerns when setting my K2 up and went with 10 minutes to minimize the number of files. As you've probably noticed though, those 10 minute files are large. In my case, they are typically just over 903 MB in size. It turns out that those large video files don't play nice with the current DashCam Viewer software (current version is 3.2.7). I have been corresponding with the Dashcam Viewer software app developer because I was not seeing the GPS/map info on many of my videos, both large and small. He made some tweaks and now my smaller videos show all the information they're supposed to. But apparently there are some other tweaks he needs to make so the GPS/map info shows with the larger file size videos (like my 900+ MB files). He indicated those improvements would come in the next update, which would be release 3.2.8.


If you want to see that discussion, you can create an account at the DashCamTalk web site and then go to this link:


In the meantime (while waiting for 3.2.8), it was recommended to limit recordings to 5 minutes max, where my files sizes have been about 452 MB. With those settings, I've still had some problems with some files (DashCam Viewer will indicate a wrench icon in the file if software detects a problem), but GPS/map info is showing for more files.


Hope this helps!

Aug 12

Short recording time is better. small video files are easy to deal with. That is the reason the default recording time is 1 minute per clip.

Aug 12

Depends on how you are using the videos and what software you are using. I disabled loop recording, which gives me 15 min video files. They are greater in size, but are easier to handle in my video editing software. One hour of video are 8 files (4 front, 4 back). With a recording time of 1 min, I would have to handle 120 files.

I have settled on 3 minutes, a third less files than the default 1 minute, but still small enough to be able to grab a file if i need it. I use as a 'true' dashcam rather than to do any trip video editing so it suits me


Similar subject, do others have their speed recording, I do, but it was suggested it might catch put me in a bad position if ever it was used as evidence. Of course me being a 'good boy' I have nothing to hide (and will edit out if ever that might be the case!)

Aug 12


Similar subject, do others have their speed recording, I do, but it was suggested it might catch put me in a bad position if ever it was used as evidence. 

It is no problem for the police to calculate the speed, using line markings, reflector posts or similar objects in the video. Not as accurate as GPS, but accurate enough when things get worse.

So I enabled the speed recording.

Aug 12

From App, you can disable Speed display on Video clips.

Thanks you for all your opinions.

I've settle on 10 minutes. I rarely need the files - I just use it if the worst happens - so grabbing one once in a while is not a problem.

Way less files to handle.

I haven't had any issues on playing a 10 minute file with the viewer, showing the GPS position at the same time - just did once, though.


One the speed matter... although I usually (95% +) behave properly, but ... when the time comes, I think I prefer show the big picture and not getting into details like speed...

And although it could be calculated, as the images are not certified for being "real time", there could be a small drift ... like the imagery being very near real time, but still timelapse... an so, there is no evidence in calculated speed.

Aug 23

Have fun on the way and be safe is important!

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